maid in mumbai

‘Maid’ or what in Mumbai!

What exactly makes up for the lifeline of the working population of Mumbai, especially working women? Local trains? Dabbawallahs? Yeah, maybe. However, spare a thought for your humble maid or ‘kamwaali bai’. The most underestimated yet the most important person who wields total control over your schedule. If she shows up on time, all is well. If she comes late or doesn’t turn up, all hell breaks loose. A typical maid in Mumbai She can be docile, attend to all your chores and keep your home spick and span. She can also turn tables, emotionally blackmail you or shower you…

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Places to visit around Mumbai - Dahanu beach

Places To Visit Near Mumbai- Dahanu Beach

Weekends are just the time to put on your boots and set off to places seldom explored. Talking of places to visit around Mumbai, Dahanu is a good bet. It lets you get away from the maddening crowds of Mumbai and goes easy on your pockets. Located in Thane district, Dahanu lies in the Vasai Virar belt, where Gujarat touches Maharashtra. A quaint old seaside town with sprawling beaches, the Dahanu-Bordi stretch is around 17 kms. Dahanu is famous for its fruit orchards especially sapodilla or chickoo orchards. The beaches with swaying palm trees are stunning, offering mesmerizing views at…

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how to do nail art at home

6 DIY Nail Art Designs At Home With Toothpicks And Tape

Nail art designs at Salons and Nail Spas are great if you have the time for it and of course money. What about getting some fabulous looking nail art designs at home with a few basic things like toothpicks and a simple adhesive tape like Sello tape. With these in hand, you don’t have to shell out money for a proper nail art stamping kit either. Toothpicks are good applicators for making intricate designs or simple stripes on your nails. Cello tape helps in color blocking patterns. Confused? Let us see how to create cute nail art designs with these…

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7 Ways To Develop Your Child’s Imagination Skills

The initial years of a child’s life are extremely crucial. Hence, it is vital to encourage and cultivate imagination. The capacity of the brain to absorb is less dense when young. The question is how? The answers are right here! How to develop your child’s imagination skills? Original image: kennymatic License Text added. Big and bold is beautiful If you are reading, choose picture books with big words and big, colorful images. A toddler’s imagination and fantasy can be sparked if the content of the book features places and people he/she is not familiar with. You can’t expect the child…

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easy salad dressing recipes

5 Easy Salad Dressing Recipes – Make them at home

Munching on a freshly tossed salad feels divine when you’re all geared up for eating healthy. However you are bound to take a bite and stop at that. Since most of us prefer some peppery or a slight spicy flavor, you may end up screwing your nose at the sight of a plain salad that tastes equally bland and boring. Use these flavorsome and appetizing salad dressings to add some punch to your  vegetable and meat salads. Original image: lydiajoy1 Licensed under Creative Commons Text added Easy Salad Dressing Recipes – Make them at home Simple Curd Dressing (a commonly…

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organic food india

Organic Food Stores: Where to buy organic food in India.

The demand for organic food stores  is slowly on the rise in India. In fact before independence, farming was indeed organic in India. Fertilizers, pesticides, artificial growth hormones given to poultry and livestock were typically unheard of, back then. However, farmers started using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, bypassing traditional methods to get more produce and double profits.  This has invariably led to soil and water pollution along with a total disturbance of our biorhythm (Absolutely true, whether you realize it or not!) Organic Food Stores in India 24 Letter Mantra , Organic Garden and Farm2Kitchen are a few organic food stores that sell online as…

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oriflame feet up

Foot Cream India – 5 Best ones for cracked heels

Googling for the very best foot cream in India? Cracked heels cause a lot of discomfort, especially during winters. Besides the pain, cracked heels can embarrass you in public. What you need to do is to moisturize those dry cracked heels. You see a lot of adverts for cracked heel creams and often wonder which one to buy. Check out these foot creams for cracked heels which go a long way towards healing your heels. Foot Creams in India – For dry feet and cracked heels Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion This moisturizing lotion is a little thick and is easily absorbed…

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how to iron without an iron

How to iron without an iron!

So there is an unexpected business trip scheduled and you need to pack a lot of clothes. But wait! You have this big pile of clothes yet to be ironed. To make matters worse  you notice that you have left your washed clothes overnight in the dryer. Now you’re in for some neck deep trouble. Not unless you follow these easy tips for wrinkle busting. Photo Credits:dailyinvention Ironing is always a better option to remove wrinkles from clothes. But in case, there are many clothes to be ironed, these tips are absolute time savers. How to iron without an iron…

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chuddy buddy - best friends

My chuddy buddy story – Whats yours?

Ever had ‘chuddy buddies’, the ones that stick with you, no matter what ? Well, I consider myself lucky to have such wonderful friends. Some from kindergarten days, some from college times, a few workplace friends and friends from the ‘mommy gang’ – thanks to my son’s friendship with other kids. My first chuddy buddy Image Credit: gracewong My first chuddy buddy was a little girl, my kindergarten friend and neighbor. We turned into fast friends when our moms walked us home after school, everyday! Together we were involved in some eye popping horrid episodes, horrid by the standard of…

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How to make pani puri at home?

Is it one of those days when your kids ask you for a snack – something different and you wonder what to make? – Something that is healthy and wholesome… Pani puri is a good bet.  You can add sprouts, date chutney, pudina dhania chutney and pomegranate seeds to make it nutritious. You put different filling in the puris to make them look colorful, flavorful and lip smacking. Here is how you have a nice pani puri party at home for kids! How to make pani puri at home? For the puris Get Natural’s ready to fry puri from any…

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what to do with old coffee mugs

What to do with old coffee mugs – 7 Smart Tips

You get so many coffee mugs as gifts – Tall ones, cute ones, personalized travel mugs, glass coffee mugs, photo mugs – you name it! Or you probably end up buying an entire set as return gifts for birthdays and think of what to do when you have so many of them left. Rather than throwing them away or donating them, why not reuse old coffee mugs and turn them into something more trendy and useful?  Think of  transforming all those mugs into stunning pieces of art or simply change their basic functionality. Check out what to do with old…

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eggs with two yolks

Eggs with two yolks – Unhealthy or Unlucky?

So you got an entire batch of eggs with two yolks? Though it looks kind of weird, don’t be startled. I just found half a dozen double yolk eggs(in picture). Eggs with two yolks are neither unhealthy nor unlucky. So let’s do some egg-sploring and check out why they are fit for human consumption. Why do eggs have double yolks? Hens have this tendency to lay eggs with double yolks at an average frequency of 1 in a 1000 times. This happens when two ova are released by a hen’s ovary and entrapped in a single shell simultaneously. Double yolk…

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benefits of eating garlic

Amazing Benefits of eating garlic – For Women

Did you know that the benefits of eating garlic can actually transform your life? In fact, including garlic as part of your daily diet is a great way to stay fit and healthy. You simply have to overcome your disgust towards that nasty, garlic smell. Garlic has innumerable health benefits for women. Check these out. Photo Credits: Lmbuga Benefits Of Eating Garlic – For Women Garlic For Weight Loss Research indicates that garlic can be used for weight loss. Garlic stimulates the nervous system to release more adrenalin which increases your metabolic rate. This in turn burns more fat, aiding…

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me time

I need some ‘ME’ time!

Its 6a.m. The alarm goes off! You make a mad rush to the kitchen. You end up preparing lunches for your kids to take to school. You wake them, get them ready and pack them off to school. Next you prepare breakfast and then its time for you  to prepare your husband’s lunch box. Then you attend to the maid, buy groceries, arrange your home, take care of your pets,water the plants and what not. The day goes by with kids returning from school. You take care of their homework, food and soon evening goes by before you know it…

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tiffin services,catering business - Navi Mumbai

Start your own catering service – Check out Amy’s Kitchen

Turn your love for food into catering services or a simple tiffin service. Women who are homemakers and are wondering what career to take up can consider this. If you are a food connoisseur who loves cooking or baking, why don’t you focus on how to start your own catering service? For one, a small catering business does not require a huge space or many employees as is in case of any average restaurant. To begin with, you can even start out from your own kitchen at home.  Meet Meera Thalakottur who turned her passion for cooking into a lucrative…

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chandrika soap price

Chandrika Soap – Natural Skin Cleanser

Chandrika soap ingredients This ayurvedic soap is a unique blend of vegetable oils and natural ingredients like  – Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, Lime peel oil, Orange oil, Hydnocarpus oil Patchouli oil and wild Ginger. Chandrika soap is in market since 1940, when it was originally founded. It is exported to several countries. The best part is Chandrika is an eco-friendly product made ethically- it has no animal fats and is not tested on animals. Ideal for all skin types and all seasons, this soap is great for people with skin allergies and sensitive skin. To top it, the fragrance is…

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wood carpets rugs

Wood Rug – Spruce up your floors!

A wood rug on the floor can add lots of charm to home and office interiors. It is an ideal alternative to hardwood flooring, especially in a tropical country like India. Hardwood flooring sure looks elegant, rustic and all, but it comes with its own woes for the homeowner. For one, wooden flooring is expensive and needs a lot of maintenance. Wooden flooring is prone to damage in humid conditions and in the presence of termites. If you are the kind of homeowner who likes to change things as seasons change, why not opt for a wood rug or a wooden…

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hindi diwas - hindi for kids

Hindi Diwas – Importance of Hindi for kids

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on September 14th, the day on which Hindi was adopted as the official language of the constituent assembly of India in the year 1949. Now for some interesting facts! Did you know that Hindi is one of the oldest languages in India? Hindi has been derived from the Sanskrit language. It is written using the Devanagri script. India is known as a land of diverse cultures. Each region has its own language and sub dialects. Hindi is the only language that lets you connect with people across the length and breadth of India, without…

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South Indian Crab Masala Recipe

Fresh Crab Recipes – How to cook crab: The Indian way?

Want to cook up some delectable and flavorful fresh crab recipes – the Indian way? Let me make this easy for you. Most Indian crab recipes use coconut, fresh spices and fresh crab  for this preparation, also known as Crab Masala in some places. I’ ll show you two variations of fresh crab recipes – one is pure south Indian style and the other would be Malvani crab masala.   Fresh Crab Recipes – South Indian Style Ingredients 8 – 9 freshly cleaned medium to large size crabs Onions – 8 (sliced) Ginger – a 1” piece Garlic – 15 pods Curry leaves –…

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how to teach phonics to kids at home

How To Teach Phonics – For Kids

via twicepix “How to teach Phonics to kids?” or “What is Phonics?” are questions often asked by parents of kindergarten goers. Your kids enter preschool and the teachers begin by teaching alphabets. The next obvious step would be to learn how to spell and read. This is the tricky part. It is mandatory in almost all schools to learn phonics before learning how to spell. Phonics is the study of co-relation between alphabets and their sounds. Once a child masters alphabet sounds, he or she can easily form spellings and learn how to read. Of course, English sometimes does make…

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