Sakthi Sivasankar – Budding Fashion Designer

Sakthi Sivakumar - Budding fashion designer

Who says Fashion Designing is not for ‘bacchas’? Meet Sakthi Sivasankar, an eight year old little girl from Bangalore who thinks otherwise. And with good reason! Stunning Fashion Designs By An Eight Old Take a look at the stunning sketches this little girl has created, putting her ingenious talent to excellent use. Her … Read more

Mosquito Bite Allergy- Natural Remedies For Children

Natural Remedies For Mosquito Bite Allergy

Nasty mosquito bite allergy symptoms leave kids feeling itchy and uncomfortable all over. This irritation subsides after sometime. However, some children get symptoms that go beyond the tell-all, red, itchy bump. Swelling, pain, hives – tiny, red, itchy eruptions surrounding the bite or  all over the body. This is what we … Read more