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Amruta Deshmukh
Amruta Deshmukh is like any other cheery and happy-go-lucky college goer but with a difference. This highly creative, artistic young lady takes art seriously. She has put to good use, her passion for creativity and strong desire for financial independence by converting it into a profitable business. Her amazing collection of  college handbags, creative bags, clutches, sheet bags, photo frames  and portfolio holders is often sold within hours of being put up on her website.

Amruta is a graduate in Mass Media and Communications. She has also done certificate courses in photography, photo editing, film making, vfx, editing and MAYA animation basics. She has been learning to draw since grade IV, has cleared elementary and intermediate drawing exams at school level in addition to signing up for constant hobby classes. Quite impressive!

So what fueled her passion for making business out of art?

Well, this is what she has to say ” It is quite a story, actually I love bright colors. I had a good collection of t-shirts. Since they were getting old, my dad was forcing me to get rid of them.  I loved them and did not want to throw them off. I suddenly got an idea and  converted it into a bag. I had no idea about sewing machines, so my first ‘t-shirt bag’ was made up of stapler pins and cello tape. It was a bright green bag and I was feeling very awkward to carry it to the college. but people loved it, and my friends forced to make similar stuff for them”

She does not restrict herself to any single product, experimenting with trendy handbags, college handbags, handmade clutches, accessories, wallets and much more at affordable prices.

Check out her wonderful collection!

Portfolio HoldersBlack n Red bag with a roseDragon BagCanvas with a clockEmbroidered handbagGreen Lady HandbagJeans HandbagTrendy College BagStars HandbagMirrorwork HandbagTrendy WalletsBlue and White Handbag

Her primary source of inspiration is  her best buddy ‘Kusum’ and her family. And she adds “Every person who likes my artwork is an inspiration.”

She loves experimenting with colors and is constantly innovating new stuff.
Check out her artwork at Artist Collections

A true inspiration for many home makers and college students who wish to make a business out of their hobbies, passions or avid interests.

Best of waste kids craft – Alien Spaceship from waste materials

A recycled  alien space ship made from waste materials  is a great best out of waste kids craft idea. Not only is it easy to make, but the materials used are waste materials found easily at home. This is an excellent idea for kids craft competition at school.

Alien spaceship - best of waste


You will need:

An old CD
Old magazine cover
Glue – (Fevicol or any other strong kid friendly glue)
Waste paper cup/transparent plastic cup
Clay dough – 2 different colors
Glitter – 2 different colors
A pair of scissors
3 matchsticks
Black marker pen

Best of waste – An alien spaceship from old CDs

Place the CD on the old magazine cover. Cut out a circle in the shape of the CD. Paste this paper circle on the printed side of the CD(not on the glossy surface).

Alien spaceship - best of waste

How to make an alien?

Make 3 small balls from the play dough, in decreasing sizes. 2 of one color and 1 of a different color. Place the largest play dough ball at the bottom, a different colored one in the middle and the smallest one at the top. Insert a matchstick thru all the three clay balls, to keep them in place. The striking tip of the matchstick must protrude from the topmost clay ball – resembling an alien antenna. Insert the other two matchsticks on the sides of the middle clay part, resembling alien arms. Make 2 eyes and a nose with a black marker. Paste this alien in the centre of the glossy side of the CD.

Apply glue to the rim of the transparent plastic cup and paste it, inverted over the alien, on the glossy side of the CD. The dome of your spaceship is ready with an alien sitting inside! Allow it to dry.

Alien spaceship - best of waste

Now for some decoration!
Take out your glitter tubes and make large circular dots near the rim of the glossy surface of the CD, a little away from the inverted plastic cup. This adds some bright lights to the spaceship. Apply a differ colored glitter on the top of the dome i.e. the plastic cup.

This is an easy to make craft idea from waste materials, for kids craft competitions.


You can cover the matchsticks with glitter.
You can even make a landing spaceship with an inverted bottle cap pasted below the CD for the lander and a small ladder made of old rope or an old toy ladder.
If using paper cup for the dome, color it appropriately and cut out a window to show the alien inside.

There are many more kids craft ideas for best of waste competitions here – Kids Crafts