Creative Bags – Amruta Deshsmukh

Creative Bags – Amruta Deshsmukh

  Amruta Deshmukh is like any other cheery and happy-go-lucky college goer but with a difference. This highly creative, artistic young lady takes art seriously. She has put to good use, her passion for creativity and strong desire for financial independence by converting it into a profitable business. Her amazing collection of  college handbags, creative … Read More

Best of waste kids craft – Alien Spaceship from waste materials

A recycled  alien space ship made from waste materials  is a great best out of waste kids craft idea. Not only is it easy to make, but the materials used are waste materials found easily at home. This is an excellent idea for kids craft competition at school.   You will need: An old CD … Read More

Fried prawns recipe

Crispy prawns fritters are lip smacking accompaniments to elaborate lunches and dinners. No lengthy procedures, this prawns recipe is a quick fix guide to making the perfect, crunchy prawn fritters.                                                      Crispy Prawn Fritters You will need: Medium sized prawns(cleaned and de-veined) –  1/4 kg Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp Red chilly powder – 2 tsp … Read More