Quaker Oats Recipe – Oatmeal and veggies

Quaker Oats Recipe – Oatmeal and veggies

 Oatmeal and vegetable patty recipe Healthy Oatmeal Recipe Oatmeal and vegetable patties are super healthy snacks for fussy kids! My little one refuses to have oats in any other form esp. when cooked with sweetened milk. Vegetable patties with boiled veggies and oats is power packed with nutrients, fiber and energy, enough to get your … Read More


What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy can be defined as a combination of clinical  hypnosis and therapeutic intervention. How does hypnotherapy work? The hypnotherapist puts the person who is suffering from mental disorders / imbalances into deep hypnotic relaxation. When the person (patient) is in a state of heightened suggestibility, the hypnotherapist gives appropriate ‘word’ suggestions aimed … Read More

Relaxation techniques for stress

When totally stressed out, depressed or lacking interest in activities, you can practice a variety of relaxation techniques.Relaxation techniques are methods that assist a person to achieve a calm and stress free existence.  Relaxation techniques eliminate stress,depression and motivate you to perform your day to day tasks even better. You can achieve miraculous results at … Read More

Stress Management-Positive Thinking

What is Stress Management? Stress is the physical and emotional tension caused by our response to several factors whether actual or imagined like: Relationship demands Long office hours/ workplace stress Medical problems Money (It is always less no matter how much you have) Responsibilities Kids : diet, homework, finding time for them etc. Trying to … Read More


What is depression? Depression is a mental state characterized by negativity, self-pity, sadness, lack of interest in day to day activities etc. Depression is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. Your relationships, lifestyle and coping skills matter a lot. Depression occurs in different forms. It may be mild, severe, seasonal, or … Read More