Detox diet – An ayurvedic way to remove toxins

detox diet - ayurvedic

Daily exposure to chemicals, pollution, unhealthy food habits, metabolic waste,drug use, stress and a myriad of other problems leads to toxins in the body. More often than not, these toxins are responsible for sluggishness, skin problems, poor digestion, headaches, body aches and lack of concentration. It is a great idea to opt for an ayurvedic diet regime once in a while to bounce back into optimum health. This article focuses on a detox diet – the ayurvedic way.

What is detoxification?
It is a resting/recovering  phase, where your body is cleansed, nourished and rejuvenated. It stimulates the liver to function well, eliminates toxins from the body, boosting your immune system and protecting you from disease.  The best time to detox is between winter and spring. Follow a seven day detox diet plan to bring your body back on track.

Ayurvedic diet for detox

Following an ayurvedic diet is a safe way to detox your body, as it involves naturally grown herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. It  does not ask you to resort to extreme fasting measures. An ayurvedic diet requires a few simple changes in your daily food intake. Take a look at the list of recommended food and food that is to be avoided.

Recommended food for an ayurvedic detox diet

  • Vegetables: Have plenty of cooked leafy green veggies. Use spices to flavor your vegetables.
  • Prepare khichdi for lunch – a simple meal of rice and moong dal(split green gram) with a spoon of ghee,cumin,curry leaves and a pinch of asafoetida. Ghee lubricates the digestive tract, eases constipation,  asafoetida stimulates digestive juices and moong provides nourishment in the form of  protein.
  • Fruits: Sweet, juicy fruits are excellent body cleansers. Have fruit for breakfast and to satisfy in-between hunger pangs.
  • Grains: Whole grains as Oats, quinoa, rice, barley, amaranth and rice are good. Include flat breads or rotis made of whole wheat flour in your diet. Fiber rich grains like Oats cleanse the digestive system and eliminate constipation. Use  ghee(clarified butter) while kneading the dough for rotis or flat bread.
  • Spices: Use ginger, coriander, cumin, fenugreek and fennel in whole or powdered form liberally while cooking vegetables, soups and dals. These spices assist in proper digestion and flush out the toxins from the body through liver, skin, urinary tract and colon.
  • Include vegetable or moong dal(split green gram) soup in your detox diet.

Foods to be avoided

  • Canned and frozen food, meat,refined sugar, fermented food, dry bread, food made out of refined flour(maida), cheese, yoghurt and food that contains yeast.
  • Avoid tea and coffee. Take lemon juice with honey instead.
  • Avoid pickles and foods containing vinegar.

Other tips

  • Begin your day with a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed juice of a lemon and some honey. This will clear your bowels and clean your digestive system.
  • Cook simple meals which are easier to digest.
  • Avoid heavy food like fried food and desserts.
  • People with poor digestion / constipation can include Triphala churna in their daily intake. It is an ayurvedic churna made of three fruits – bibhitaki, amalaki and haritaki). Triphala has anti oxidant and laxative properties .

Initially the body may show some caffeine withdrawal symptoms, if you suddenly stop the consumption of tea and coffee. But it is vital to finish the detox diet process once you have started it. Keep some fruit juice or lemonade handy. You can sip this whenever you feel the urge to have tea or coffee.

After  the seven day detox diet, you will feel fresh, rejuvenated and healthy.


start a beauty salon - shades beauty salon, ghansoli

Shades Beauty Salon – Arti Gupta

How to start a  beauty salon? Well, the answer is not so difficult once you read this inspiring story.

start a beauty salon - shades beauty salon, ghansoli

Meet Arti Gupta – a successful woman entrepreneur from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Entering the beauty and fashion business in a place like Navi Mumbai is no small task. To start a beauty salon, one requires experience, research and tons of patience to handle clients. And to top it, comes the added responsibility of handling a family and bringing up kids.

Several homemakers have a flair for elegant dressing, hair styling and being up to date when it comes to make up, cosmetics, skin care, hair styling and hair color ideas. So much so that they have a knack of transforming any plain Jane into Aishwarya Rai or Jacqueline Fernandes. Arti is an inspiration for all women who wish to float their own venture in the beauty business.

Arti Gupta is a small town girl from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She says, ” I always had an inborn talent for fashion and beauty. I was often impressed by my elder sister who is a practising naturopath. I would give beauty tips to friends and acquaintances.”

After formal schooling, she procured a government recognized diploma in beauty and styling from Rimjhim Training Institute, Nagpur. She started off as a beauty and skin care expert with her beauty salon in Nagpur. Then Mumbai came calling. She got an interview call from Hindustan Lever for a position at Lakme, Sanpada. Though her parents were apprehensive at first, they gave their consent for shifting to Mumbai. She underwent training at Lakme and went on to work with them for over 4 years.

While at Lakme, she got married and had a kid. She took a 10 months break after her baby was born, then resumed work at Lakme. She adds, ” Those were the most stressful days of my life. I used to feel guilty for having to leave my baby at the daycare. ” However, her husband has always been supportive of her aspirations and dreams. He helped her set up her own beauty salon.

All this came up after a great deal of market survey. Arti surveyed almost all the beauty salons in the entire Ghansoli, Koparkhaine area. She found that most of them were the typical ‘Beauty Parlours’ of an era gone by with poorly trained staff and very basic beauty equipment. Besides, she wanted her workplace to be near her home. Finally, she came up with Shades Beauty Salon at sector 6, Ghansoli which is at a stone’s throw from her residence. This lets her manage her home, kid and business efficiently.

Keeping in touch with technology and new products is another aspect of running a successful salon business, she says. She attends training sessions and seminars on hair styling, hair coloring, facials, skin care etc. conducted by top companies in the beauty industry.

Arti says that it is important to network with owners of other beauty salons. It helps in conducting background checks for  new employees. Networking also gives her valuable information on product reviews, new technology and training sessions conducted by companies.

Shades is well equipped with the latest apparatus and a range of popular beauty products. Her staff  is well trained and polite. Apart from all this, her patience with clients, a charming personality and quality of service have ensured a steady flow of loyal customers.

So if you are a homemaker and have what it takes to be a beauty expert, it is an excellent idea to  start a  beauty salon.

Visit Shades Beauty Salon, Siddhivinayak CHS, Sector – 6, Ghansoli. Landmark – end of the bridge starting from Mookambika temple.