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Bean Bags – Affordable Furniture For Your Home

Looking out for some funky soft n squishy pieces of bean bags for lazing around when you get back home from work? You are not alone. Bean bags are in. Every home has one or more bean bags. They are affordable, easy to move and lend a casual appeal to your living room, study and bed rooms.

bean bags

Photo Credits – Chelsea Wa

All About Bean Bags

Bean Bag – Uses


These are multifunctional pieces of furniture.Watch TV, enjoy a drink or read out bed time stories to kids sitting comfortably in a nice, soft bean bag. Relax and unwind. You can enjoy a short nap or possibly use it for collecting dry clothes, to be folded later. Kids can use these as center tables, for playing board games when friends come over. In fact, children love bean bags as they can jump on them.

Easy Relocation

Bean bags can be easily moved from one area to another. Moving a bean bag is as easy as sliding it from one room to another. You can slide it from your living room to the side of your pool, bask in the sun and enjoy a nice, cool drink. Some people carry bean bags along in their vehicles when camping out or going out for picnics.

Body Support

Pear shaped bean bags offer  great back support as they cover more of your back.

Child Safe

Bean bags have no sharp edges. Their soft nature makes it safe for kids.

Bean Bag – Features


Bean bags come in various shapes – typical shapes are bean bag chairs, cylinder, teardrop or sack shaped. Before buying, sit on these and find out which is the best suited to your body type.

Bean Bag Covers

Bean bag covers come in a variety of materials – you get rexine, leather, microfiber, cotton and denim. Rexine or vinyl and leather based bean bag covers have a firm grip on the floor. However, they are also subject to wear and tear especially with kids around. Microfiber, cotton and denim covers last longer, but require periodic washing to keep them clean. Cotton covers need to be really thick else they will not have a firm grip on the flooring. Rexine and leather bean bag covers require minimal cleaning. Wiping with a damp cloth is all that is needed of them.

Bean Bag Filling

You get thermocol fillings i.e. polystyrene for bean bags. A bag costs Rs.200 in Vashi APMC Market, Navi Mumbai. If possible, go green – use recycled polystyrene from older bean bags or packaging material.

Bean Bag Colors

Rexine or vinyl bean bag covers are available in a myriad of colors. Check out Matta Foam House in Turbhe market. This tiny shop is famous throughout Navi Mumbai for autorickshaw seat covers, foam etc. They have rexine of every possible color under the sun. For kids rooms, use bright colors like red, orange or yellow for bean bag covers. Other rooms, you can co-ordinate bean bag colors with the wall color or color of the furnishings. Throw in colorful  or plain cushions to complement the bean bag colors.

Customized Bean Bags

Buy rexine or covering material of your choice. Design a bean bag  yourself. Use different shapes like bean seats, bean bag chairs etc. Get it stitched from tailors who stitch mattresses and mattress covers. Stitch a handle on top for easy lifting. Make sure there is an inner lining of a different material – say curtain lining. Fill this with polystyrene filling.  The bean bag cover goes on top of this. Both the lining and the top cover must have zippers for opening and closing.

BEAN BAG - Rabbit shaped

Rabbit bean bag – Photo Credits – KDL Designs

Look at his rabbit shaped bean bag design. You can use similar designs for smaller bean bags that double up as a back rest or arm rest on a daybed or a Diwan. Experiment with different colors and shapes.

Bean Bags Online

bean bag - buy online

Setner Football Bean Bag

You can buy  such funky bean bag chairs and bean bag furniture online at for as low a range as ₹799 onwards with free shipping(check shipping T & C for available locations.)

paper quilling - animal shapes

Paper Quilling Basics – How to do paper quilling?

Paper Quilling is an interesting paper craft for kids. FYI, it is also known as Paper Filigree! Summer workshops for kids often incorporate Paper Quilling as part of their programme. You can make all sorts of  wacky paper quilling designs with colorful paper strips.

How to do paper quilling?

Paper Quilling is the art of rolling colorful strips of paper into beautiful three dimensional patterns. The technique of making basic shapes and patterns is discussed here. Finally you have to assemble the different shapes to form awesome designs. It is so simple, my 7 year old son could do this with ease. Of course, I had to pick up the nuances first and then teach him. At the end of this tutorial you will know how to do paper quilling with basic designs.

Paper quilling techniques  – for kids

Paper quilling kit

How to do paper quilling - for kids

Slotted Tool - How to do paper quilling - for kids

For very basic quilling you need a slotted tool, colorful paper strips and a glue stick, that is all.

Paper quilling – How to use the slotted tool?

How to do paper quilling - for kids

Now the slotted tool is like a pen with a slit in its nib. Look at the picture above. Place one end of the paper strip in the slot of the tool and slightly turn this end. Hold the tool in your right hand. Next, place the slotted end with the paper strip between the index finger and thumb of your left hand. Keep rolling till the strip of paper ends. You get a coil. To increase or decrease the size of the coil, leave it loose and vice versa. Finally paste the open end of the coil with glue. This is a closed coil. You can leave this end without gluing it to get an open coil.

Basic quilling patterns

Basic Closed Coil, Arrow and Tear Drop Patterns

How to do paper quilling - basic designs

The basic shape is a closed coil. To get a teardrop, pinch one end of the closed coil. To get an arrow, first make a tear drop. Now make a depression by pinching the rounded corner of the teardrop, twice(Refer the pictures above).To get an eye, first make a teardrop. Then pinch the other rounded corner of the teardrop. So a coil and a teardrop are the simplest of all shapes. Once you master these shapes, the remaining shapes can be made easily.

More quilling patterns

Shapes - Paper Quilling


Paper quilling designs

You can use paper quilling patterns for a variety of designs. Make a beautiful scenery by quilling flowers, sun, clouds etc. and frame it. You can ask your kid to narrate a story based on this picture. My little one made a rabbit eating a carrot. Look at the picture below.

Paper quilling – Scenery

How to do paper quilling - designs

Paper quilling – Envelope design

How to do paper quilling - Envelope design

Use paper quills to decorate ornate envelopes and wedding cards.

Quilling Cards

How to do paper quilling -  Card making Photo Credits: Yamunah2002

Make beautiful greeting cards with paper quilling. You can also use paper quilling for scrapbook embellishments.

Paper Quilling – Animals

How to do paper quilling  - animal shapes

Check out these cute animals made by paper quilling techniques. Make paper quilling patterns from different colored strips. Draw a beautiful design or scenery on a thick sheet of chart paper and paste these patterns in accordance with quilling designs.

Advanced paper quilling requires a quilling needle, quilling comb, quilling board, tweezers and pins. Once you master the basics, you can learn advanced paper quilling techniques all by yourself using these  materials.


yakult - probiotic drinks

Probiotic Drinks – Why you need bugs in your drink!

Probiotic drinks like Yakult are products manufactured by bacterial fermentation of milk especially cows milk or soy milk. These drinks are nutritious with lots of health benefits. Probiotic yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, Riboflavin,Vitamins B6 & B12. These drinks have live bacteria that populate your gut and work towards a healthy well being.

probiotic drinks - yakult

What are probiotic drinks?

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics are useful bacteria or yeasts that maintain the balance in your gastrointestinal tract. For instance bacteria like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, Streptococcus thermophilus or a yeast like Saccharomyces boulardii are the best probiotics found in probiotic drinks and foods.

How are probiotic drinks made?

Probiotic Drinks like yogurt are made from fermented cows milk. The milk is boiled to a high temperature to kill unwanted bacteria. Thereafter, the milk is cooled to room temperature.This alters the milk proteins so that the milk simply sets and curds are not formed. A culture of bacteria is added and the same temperature is maintained for 5-7 hours to facilitate fermentation.

Yakult is made by preparing a mixture of skim milk powder, dextrose and filtered and sterilized water. This mixture is boiled to a high temperature for a short duration and then transferred to a fermentation tank. Once there, live bacteria are introduced to the solution. The temperature is brought down to room temperature allowing fermentation for 6-9 days or till the bacteria reach their prescribed concentration.

Best Probiotic Brands

What is Yakult?

Yakult is a fermented milk drink with probiotics – live bacteria that are essential for a healthy gut. It is made of skim milk powder, water and sugar. To this live bacteria culture is added. The sugar keeps the bacteria alive during shelf life.

Yakult is fat free and has a nice sweet fruity flavor. A 65 ml bottle contains nearly 6.5 billion good bacteria (Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota). A busy stressful life with poor food habits makes your body less immune to diseases. Yakult promotes a healthy immune system and a strong digestive system, keeping you in the pink of health.
Yakult is an ideal probiotic health drink for everyone ranging from senior citizens to kids.

Amul Flaavyo Yoghurt and Danone Acitivia Yogurt

These are yummy flavored yogurts with the goodness of probiotics.

Lifeway’s Frozen Kefir for lactose intolerance

Lifeway offers Frozen Kefir, a fermented milk drink in a wide variety of flavors that is gluten free and lactose free. This is great news for lactose intolerant people who tend to throw up milk or milk products minutes after consumption. The reason is the inability of their digestive systems to break down lactose, found in milk products.

Kefir improves lactose digestion. This is due to the probiotic bacteria breaking down sugars found in milk.

All these brands offer probiotic drinks in a variety of flavors. Probiotic drinks are ideal in case of erratic eating habits especially for people working in shifts, living off fast food.

What are probiotics good for?

Lactose Intolerance

Probiotic drinks are great for people with lactose intolerance – inability to digest milk and milk products. The live bacteria break down lactose, lowering the tendency of vomiting and bloating in such people.

Immunity Boosters

Probiotic Drinks containing Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium enhance immunity, keeping you free from common illnesses and speeding recovery in case of an illness.

Improved Digestion

Probiotic Drinks maintain a healthy balance of gut flora, where the number of good bacteria outweigh the bad bacteria. This reduces indigestion and bloating – a common occurrence in the stress filled lives of people, today.