Nutritious Homemade Almond Health Drink Mix Recipe For Kids

Horlicks, Pediasure, Bournvita, Amway Protein Powder…the list goes on… You try to get the best health drink mix for your kids. T.V. commercials and enticing newspaper advertisements feature happy and healthy kids consuming these health drinks. And then you end up buying the same for your family. Of course, they have nutrients like vitamins and minerals, but in addition these are also loaded with added flavours and lots of synthetic stuff with confusing hard to pronounce names. In fact, I just noticed MTR badam mix has just 8.5 percent badam in it. The rest of it is made up of milk solids, sugar, starch, saffron, preservatives and the like. That’s when I decided to formulate a homemade health drink mix that would be pure and healthy for my child.

Homemade Health Drink Mix Recipe

This is what you need to make a pure and nutritious health drink mix at home.
Almonds – 250 grams
Refined Sugar / Organic Sugar– 100 grams
Cardamoms – 2
Saffron(Kesar) – 5 grams – optional
Water – ½ litre

How To Make It

home made almond powder


Boil water till it begins to bubble. Add almonds and keep them for 2 minutes. Turn off the flame. Transfer the almonds in another vessel and rinse them under cold tap water for another minute. Throw away the water. Place these almonds on a dry, absorbent cloth. The skins come off easily. Peel all the almonds and keep them on an absorbent cloth under the fan so that they dry well.


blanched almonds


Now, dry roast the almonds in a pan over a low flame for 1 minute. Allow them to cool. Add sugar and cardamoms along with the almonds into a mixer. Grind the contents to a fine powder. Store this in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


This quantity will last for a week if you use 2 teaspoons per glass for three glasses. I suggest making this mix twice a month. Double the quantity of ingredients in that case. I used unrefined, organic sugar from 24Mantra.

Why do we peel off the skins?

The reason we blanch the almonds is to peel off the skins. According to Ayurveda, almond skins are difficult to digest and aggravates pitta in the body. Ayurvedic practitioners always favor soaking almonds overnight and peeling off the skins before consuming.

How Is This Homemade Health Drink Beneficial For Kids?

We all know the goodness of almonds. They are power packed with proteins, vitaminE and minerals like zinc. Almonds are excellent for brain and body development plus they impart excellent skin health. The best part is you can be absolutely sure of what goes in your health drink mix. So try this at home and enjoy its benefits!

For once, I wanted to get rid of everything chocolaty that has permeated our tastes! There are advertorials that show kids drinking milk only when it has chocolate mixed in it!  Not quite what I approve of! I was quite happy with this health drink mix. The results are equally good. My kid enjoys this drink. You can add saffron and dry dates powder too. It will turn out to be great!


maid in mumbai

A Mad Mad ‘NO MAID’ Week For Me!

All was well until one fine day when my maid suddenly announced that she would be going on leave for an entire week! This hit me real hard. The realization that I would be managing on my own for an entire week slowly dawned on me. Trust me…it was a nasty feeling. My entire routine would go off track just because I would be wasting my time doing regular household chores.

maid in mumbai

Looking at my forlorn expression, she brought another maid to work instead of her, for a week. But this lady would be turning up at 3.00 PM. I couldn’t possibly wait till late afternoon to have my house cleaned!

Isn’t it funny how we take maids for granted in Mumbai? In fact, if one leaves, there is always somebody else to work for us! Indians living abroad, especially in the Western countries know how difficult and expensive it is to hire house maids.

How I managed without a maid in Mumbai

Finally I said, “What the heck!” and decided to take the matter into my own hands. “After all, it’s just a week.”, I thought. So this is how it went! I bought a nice pair of kitchen gloves and a handy mop that took care of difficult corners.

DAY 1: I wake up earlier than usual, at 5.30 AM to be precise, do the dishes, sweep and mop the floor. I prepare breakfast and lunch. I pack off my two guys to office and school respectively. I feel a bit more tired than usual. But then my house is clean by 9.00 AM. And I’m free to do my writing till my son comes back by 4.00 PM.

DAY 2: I follow the same routine. However, I feel more active and less tired. What a way to go!

DAY 3 TO DAY 7: I enjoy my mornings. Since I do not wait for the maid to arrive, which she did, by 11.00 AM, my house work gets done by 9.00 AM sharp. The most absurd thing that happens is I get rid of a niggling backache that had me visit a physiotherapist last month! I guess my humble broom took care of that!

On DAY 7 I realize that
1. A little bit of discipline goes a long way in ensuring good health. Depending on someone all the time for things you can do yourself is not a very good idea.
2. Enrolling for a weight loss regime has been crossed out of my TO-DO LIST.
3. My husband and son started being extra careful not to spill stuff on the floor. They started doing their bit to help me feel better. Now all bits and pieces of trash go straight into the dust bin and not on the floor. They would rather wipe their feet clean on the doormat before entering our home than face a monstrous, yelling mom!
4. Finally, I found some “ME Time .”

Today is DAY 8 and I’m waiting for my maid to report at 11.00 am. It’s 100% not what you think! I’m waiting to send her away for good!

So that’s my ‘No Maid’ story! Of course, it was manageable as I work from home. It may not be easy for working moms. But like I said earlier, a little bit of discipline is all you need in case your maid takes a break!

Why I stopped cooking with aluminium!

This little story goes a long way! As a child, I always wondered why grandma’s aluminium cooking pots turned ugly after being used for some time! These vessels would get defaced with tiny black depressions and marks on the inner sides. That never stopped granny from using aluminium though! She would go to the market and buy new pots. She also had steel and earthen cookware but she always felt aluminium pots heated faster and cooked faster.

Why I stopped cooking with aluminium

Why aluminium is bad for you!

Those little black marks on the vessels are great causes for concern, though. It shows how reactive this metal is! Aluminium reacts immediately with acidic and alkaline food matter to form toxic compounds that leach into your food. Try cooking tomatoes, curd or tamarind in an aluminium vessel or sauté onions with a few tomatoes in an aluminium kadhai. You will see how the surface changes form after a few uses. Sometimes, the reaction is so extreme that the taste of food gets altered.

Now for a few startling facts!

Harmful effects of aluminium

Modern times have seen the decline of pure aluminium pots and pans. However, we still use a lot of aluminium for food storage. Aluminium foil wrapping, soda cans, soft drink cans, frozen and processed food containers…the list is endless. In fact, we use aluminium foil quite casually, for baking, packing food for our little ones etc., without thinking twice!
Aluminium compounds directly target your nervous system. Prolonged consumption of aluminium compounds can speed the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating conditions. This metal slows mental growth in children. It accumulates in various organs, causing illnesses in the long run.

So what kind of aluminium cookware is safe?

if you insist on using aluminium cookware, go for hard anodised aluminium cookware as the aluminium is well sealed inside a smooth and hard coating that won’t corrode easily. This prevents aluminium leaching into food to a huge extent.

Though it is impossible to root out aluminium totally from your lifestyle, try your best to avoid using it for cooking and food storage. So now it is soft drinks from tetra packs instead of cans for me! I use stainless steel tiffin boxes to pack food for kids. Aluminium foil is a strict NO in my kitchen. In fact these 7 super tips to replace aluminium foil in your kitchen are quite interesting! Do check them out!

Let me know if you know any more methods of cooking and baking sans aluminium foil! Would love to hear from you!

Aluminium Foil Image By Lewis Ronald (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons