Kodinhi – Multiple Twin Birth – A Weird Fact

Kodinhi village in Kerala, India has a phenomenal number of twin births than any other place in India! Sounds bizarre? It is true – Kodinhi is a village in Calicut district, Kerala which has the most number of twins in India. Around 250 pairs of twins reside here. Most of them are same sex twins. What could be the reason behind this surprising trend of mothers giving birth to twins?

High Rate Of Twin Birth – Kodinhi

kodinhi - twin birth

The oldest pair of twins (born way back in 1949) in Kodinhi mention that this has started happening since the last 3 generations. Before this, the occurrence of multiple twin births was not so high. In fact, the situation now is such that there are six times more twin births here than the global average taken together. This fact is a bit confusing as India has the lowest rate of twin births as compared to the other countries of the world.

Kodinhi Location

Kodinhi is located approximately 32 km to the south of Calicut district and another 30 km to the west of Malappuram district in Kerala, India. This beautiful village is surrounded on 3 sides by mesmerizing backwaters and one side is connected to Tirurangadi, the nearest town.

Kodinhi Twin Birth –  Surprising Facts

Women from this village married off to other places, are known to bear twins! Another amazing fact is that over the last few years, the number of twin births in this village have shown a sudden increase! To attribute this fact to possible pollutants would be wrong as all these twins are born healthy without any deformities! The diet of these people is not any different from the rest of Kerala. This means there is something in the genes of the women in Kodinhi that causes a twin birth. Researchers are in the process of finding out the exact cause behind the high rate of twin births here!

Association For Twins In Kodinhi (TAKA)

The birth of twins calls for additional finances. It also takes a huge toll on the mothers’ health. To help the twins and their families, the residents of Kodinhi came up with a novel idea. They started the Twins And Kin Association (TAKA) in the year 2008 to provide support for twins and their families. This association also maintains registration records of all the twins born in Kodinhi.

Places In The World With Multiple Twin Births

A  phenomenon similar to multiple twin births in Kodinhi can be seen in Igbo-Ora, a town in Nigeria and Cândido Godói in Brazil.

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