7 Nightmarish Short Horror Stories You’ve Ever Read



In the dead of the night, an eerie sound cuts across the silence and then the clock strikes twelve. Then what? Tired of similar stuff? It’s time for a nice, creepy horror story that sends shivers down your spine. Check out these short horror snippets submitted by users in response to an Ask Reddit thread for 2 sentence horror stories.

The response was good with lots of ghost stories in two sentences, that’s all.  Enough for you to turn on the lights in the middle of the night, today!

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7 Best Short Horror Stories You’ve Ever Heard Of








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Eggs with two yolks – Unhealthy or Unlucky?

eggs with two yolks

So you got an entire batch of eggs with two yolks? Though it looks kind of weird, don’t be startled. I just found half a dozen double yolk eggs(in picture). Eggs with two yolks are neither unhealthy nor unlucky. So let’s do some egg-sploring and check out why they are fit for human consumption.

eggs with two yolks

Why do eggs have double yolks?

Hens have this tendency to lay eggs with double yolks at an average frequency of 1 in a 1000 times. This happens when two ova are released by a hen’s ovary and entrapped in a single shell simultaneously.

Double yolk eggs are usually laid by young hens that still haven’t got used to regular egg laying cycles. Certain hybrid breeds of hens also have a higher tendency to lay eggs with two yolks. Eggs with two yolks, if fertilized are incapable of producing two chicks, as there is no space inside for two. Usually both the chicks die. However, the double yolk eggs for sale at grocery stores are not fertilized. Sometimes a hen can even lay an egg with no yolk at all! Yolk less eggs are called wind eggs!

So are they safe to eat? Absolutely! They have all the nutrients that eggs with a single yolk have.

Double yolk eggs superstition

There is some superstition associated with such eggs. Finding eggs with two yolks is linked to an impending marriage or the birth of twins. As with other omens, you can simply laugh it off or take it lightly.

So the next time you find eggs with two yolks, don’t be startled. Simply whip them up for a nice eggelicious surprise.


Kodinhi – Multiple Twin Birth – A Weird Fact

kodinhi-twin birth

Kodinhi village in Kerala, India has a phenomenal number of twin births than any other place in India! Sounds bizarre? It is true – Kodinhi is a village in Calicut district, Kerala which has the most number of twins in India. Around 250 pairs of twins reside here. Most of them are same sex twins. What could be the reason behind this surprising trend of mothers giving birth to twins?

High Rate Of Twin Birth – Kodinhi

kodinhi - twin birth

The oldest pair of twins (born way back in 1949) in Kodinhi mention that this has started happening since the last 3 generations. Before this, the occurrence of multiple twin births was not so high. In fact, the situation now is such that there are six times more twin births here than the global average taken together. This fact is a bit confusing as India has the lowest rate of twin births as compared to the other countries of the world.

Kodinhi Location

Kodinhi is located approximately 32 km to the south of Calicut district and another 30 km to the west of Malappuram district in Kerala, India. This beautiful village is surrounded on 3 sides by mesmerizing backwaters and one side is connected to Tirurangadi, the nearest town.

Kodinhi Twin Birth –  Surprising Facts

Women from this village married off to other places, are known to bear twins! Another amazing fact is that over the last few years, the number of twin births in this village have shown a sudden increase! To attribute this fact to possible pollutants would be wrong as all these twins are born healthy without any deformities! The diet of these people is not any different from the rest of Kerala. This means there is something in the genes of the women in Kodinhi that causes a twin birth. Researchers are in the process of finding out the exact cause behind the high rate of twin births here!

Association For Twins In Kodinhi (TAKA)

The birth of twins calls for additional finances. It also takes a huge toll on the mothers’ health. To help the twins and their families, the residents of Kodinhi came up with a novel idea. They started the Twins And Kin Association (TAKA) in the year 2008 to provide support for twins and their families. This association also maintains registration records of all the twins born in Kodinhi.

Places In The World With Multiple Twin Births

A  phenomenon similar to multiple twin births in Kodinhi can be seen in Igbo-Ora, a town in Nigeria and Cândido Godói in Brazil.

Body Piercing – A Look Into Hindu Rituals

body piercing-hindu rituals

Body piercing is an ancient practice in Hindu rituals, followed by both men and women from all age groups for various reasons ranging from religion, occult and cosmetic. Elaine Davidson of Scotland holds a Guinness World Record for bearing the most number of permanent piercings than anyone else in the world. Ear and nose piercing in women are common  and are means to enhance beauty by wearing stunning accessories.

body piercing-elaine davidson Photo Credits: George_Gastin

body piercing-hindu rituals Photo Credits: Nestor’s Blurrylife

Body Piercing and Hindu Rituals

In India, however, the origin of body piercing can be traced to ancient Hindu rituals. In South India, body piercing is a celebration at temple festivals. This is a practice followed to appease Gods and to gain their blessings. Though some practices of body piercings are banned, people have found alternative ways to achieve this.

Hindu Rituals – Thaipusam Festival

Take for instance the Thaipusam festival observed by Hindu devotees of South India. This festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Murugan in the month of Thai(January-February) as per the Tamil Calendar. Devotees pierce themselves with hooks, trishuls and skewers. Some devotees pull chariots with hooks attached to their backs. Some pierce their tongues and cheeks with trishuls and lemons. This kind of body piercing is usually a demonstration of  self punishment to seek forgiveness for sins and misdeeds.

Hanging by Hooks –  Thookkam Festival

Garudan Thookam is another Hindu ritual celebrated at several Kali temples in Kerala, South India. Devotees posing as Garuda, undergo a painful piercing of skin on the back with metal hooks. They are then suspended from a height and taken around the temple by other devotees. This practice was banned by the Kerala Government a few years back. However, devotees continue the body piercing without being subjected to hanging from their backs.

Body Piercing – Chadak ritual, Kolkata

Several Hindu devotees worshiping Lord Shiva, pierce their tongues and cheeks with skewers at the ‘Chadak’ ritual held at Krishnadevpur village, Kolkata. Some indulge in piercing of the skin on the back with hooks.

Shitla Mata procession, Chandigarh

At this procession, you will be surprised to see young boys with tridents pierced through their cheeks. People with lemons attached to needles hanging from their backs are a common sight at the Shitla Mata procession in Chandigarh.

Surprising Facts – Body Piercing

Religious Hindu devotees who pierce their tongues, cheeks, backs etc. do not feel pain and suffer minimal bleeding. They attribute it to the greatness of Gods. These people practice fasting and other Hindu rituals with total devotion and faith for several days before the body piercing takes place. The fact is, with excessive chanting and drumming sounds in the background, they usually go into a trance, making them unaware of the pain. Before body piercing, devotees apply a kind of white ash or a red colored powder which stops the bleeding. People who pierce the devotees often  know the exact location where to pierce to avoid major injuries.

The act of religious body piercing depends on people. Some feel infliction of pain and suffering is the best way to appease Gods. Others feel body piercing is gross.

A thought provoking insight into Hindu rituals and why Hindu devotees pierce their bodies is given in the Hindu Blog