Wooden krishna idol - Pooja room design

Sacred Spaces – Pooja Room Ideas In Living Room

Sacred spaces of worship need a lot of peace and tranquility. The atmosphere must make you feel one with the supreme power above. Have you thought of Pooja room ideas in living room(s)? In urban areas, especially in cities like Mumbai, where every square foot matters, spaces dedicated for Pooja area are usually accommodated inside small, wall mounted wooden cabinets or in small marble mandirs resting on the floor. Then all your pooja material and instruments like brass lamps, bells, manjiras end up being stored else where or in a small underlying drawer below the pooja cabinet. Some Pooja cabinets are inside kitchens. In such cases, utmost care needs to be taken in case you cook non-vegetarian food.

Pooja Room Ideas In Living Room

I wanted a simple yet elegant wooden Pooja area for my apartment that did not have many idols / pictures. It had to be placed outside the kitchen as we are not pure vegetarians. I wanted this space to induce a feeling of  ancient Indian mysticism. Also I wanted ample storage for 3 separate things – 1. Pooja material – agarbattis, sindoor, sandalwood paste etc; 2. Antique South Indian brass lamps, agarbatti holders and musical instruments like manjiras and bells; 3. Holy books like the Bhagwad Geeta and Ramayana for my mother-in-law.

So this was the basic structure that was designed and executed.

It faces the East which is considered quite auspicious according to Vastu. We waited for the perfect Krishna idol for more than eight months. And it was worth the wait. Krishna looks life like, beaming at us with a mesmerising and divine smile. It has been crafted from white cedar wood. We bought it at Kairali Handicrafts, Cochin. Additionally a small Tulsi plant in a ceramic vase and a bejeweled elephant depicting prosperity have been placed alongside. Since the Pooja area has been crafted out of wood,  I have to be extra careful while lighting a lamp. For now, I use a tall floor lamp. At the same time, I am on the lookout for Pooja room accessories like a hanging brass lamp or thookuvillakku that can be assembled to hang from the ceiling a little to the side of the wooden area.

Wooden krishna idol - Pooja room design


White lights give out a lot of glare. I used a yellow light in the wooden extension above the idol. It exudes warmth and illuminates the face of Krishna. Additionally, it casts a faint halo like glow behind the Lord’s head. The two brass chains hanging on either sides look like mini traditional lamps hung outside temples in Kerala.


Pooja area in apartments

To further give the pooja area a sense of isolation, there comes a wooden partition between the Pooja area and the dining area.

offerings to Krishna for Vishu

We had a grand Vishu (astronomical New Year celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala and by Keralites the world over) in April this year. These are offerings to the Lord! Gold, money, fruits and vegetables are kept as Vishu Kani. Seeing this first thing in the morning on Vishu ensures prosperity throughout the year.

So what do you think? Do let me know in the comments below.