mirror design ideas - how to decorate your home with mirrors

10 Gorgeous Mirror Design Ideas – How To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

“MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL…WHO IS THE FAIREST OF ‘EM ALL?” That’s how the SnowWhite fable starts off! What about you asking your wall mirror , “ Which is the best home of them all?” Don’t get flabbergasted when your mirror actually replies! It will, without any doubt, say that your home is of course the best looking one in the entire world! Mirror design ideas can drastically change the look and feel of your living space. They reflect light, making your home look larger, well lit and ventilated. Place decorative wall mirrors strategically to reflect beautiful wall accents, eclectic wall clocks, lovely vases and other home decor accessories.

Mirror Design Ideas – Home Decor Using Mirrors!

Imagine a simple, plain, pastel coloured wall that needs some sprucing up to be done.  Mirrors reflect what they see…that is one aspect which can make dull walls come alive!

Mirror Wall

Mirrored wall in the living room

Design an entire mirror wall! It will look fabulous in a contemporary room decor setup. Take a close look at this Bohemian living room with an entire wall made of mirrors. Doesn’t it look elegant and royal?


Mirrored Kitchen Wall

This mirror wall in a kitchen makes it look infinite! The kitchen appears as if its large!


Mirrors Add Depth

Mirrors make a room appear long. It adds a lot of depth to a small room. Don’t believe me? Check this out. This mirror on the dining room wall reflects the opposite seating area, making it appear so roomy and spacious.


You can opt for a similar effect by installing a huge rectangular or square mirror above the fireplace.

courtesy Babble



Mirrored Window Pane

This beautiful window with mirror windowpanes looks appealing, reflecting the space before it and adding depth. The fresh yellow sunflowers make it look more charming.


Look at this huge, ornate mirror courtesy wallmirrors. It lends an aesthetic appeal to an otherwise boring wall. Team it up with a dressing table, a few books, a photo frame and you’re done!

Mirror Design Ideas For Your Home

Mirrors – A Visual Treat!

So you have a lush, green, garden outside? Show off with a beautiful oval or circular mirror. Look at this arrangement by HouseBeautiful

mirror design ideas


Carved Wooden Mirrors

carved wooden mirror india

Add a generous dose of tradition and carved wood to your wall with this intricately carved wooden masterpiece mirror courtesy tradeindia! It’s looks stunning with lovely roses and a compact jewellery box by the side.

Peacock Mirrors


Mirror designs with peacock motifs and peacock plumage look royal and magnificent on walls. These are typical Indian preferences.

Mirror Furniture

Using mirrored furniture is one of those unique mirror design ideas that trick the eyes. You feel that there is no furniture; that it is rather hidden behind mirrors. However, you should plan this one a bit carefully. You wouldn’t want too much of glare at night when all lights are turned on. Check these mirror cabinets courtesy asamonitor

mirror furniture

Use these mirror design ideas to transform your living rooms, kitchens, patios and front porches. Unleash the artist inside you. Think and use mirrors effectively to highlight accents or to create an illusion of depth and light.

diy photo frame

DIY Photo Frame – Gorgeous Ideas For Kids Rooms

A total makeover of my son’s bedroom got me thinking on how exactly I could reuse his old toys and other stuff to create an absolutely adorable look for the walls. That’s when I thought of cute photo frames for kids. A quick Google search tells me of this absolutely adorable DIY photo frame that I can make from old Hot Wheels cars which my pre-teen hardly even looks at. It is such a lovely way to repurpose and reuse stuff that’s been lying around for years. All you need to do is to find undamaged old toys or things belonging to your child that you no longer need. Then get an old photo frame or make a simple cardboard picture frame and paste these decorations neatly or in a cute pattern all over it.

DIY Photo Frame – 7 Adorable Ideas

You will find millions of ideas for a DIY photo frame pasted all over the internet. I liked to shortlist these as they make wonderful ideas for kid’s bedroom decor. There are many more made of popsicle sticks, old CDs, Book cover cardboards etc. but these are not durable and look cheap on walls. The ones made of old, repurposed wooden pallets look great but take quite some time to give them the perfect vintage look.
So here are a few of my favourite ideas that look great and do not take much of your precious time.

What you need for a DIY photo frame

1. A wooden photo frame or a plastic one would do great. Avoid cardboard ones as they are not durable and can get mouldy over time since they absorb moisture easily.
2. Small, old cars
3. Crayons
4. Hot glue gun
5. Egg Cartons
6. Lego pieces
7. A clock making kit
8. Pages from a glossy magazine
9. Clear Liquid Glue
10. A coloring brush

Hot wheels Photo Frame

Paint your photo frame with a nice, bright colour. Clean and keep your Hot Wheels car collection ready. Glue them on to the frame one by one with a hot glue gun. Place a generous amount of glue with the hot glue gun. You don’t want the cars falling off. Also, choose small, cute cars that the frame can support easily.
diy photo frame

via Hot Wheels

Super Hero Photo Frame

Catch hold of a nice comic book or take a colour print from an online comic book superhero series. Cover an old photo frame with this neatly. Apply a coat of clear liquid glue all over this. Allow it to dry. What you get is a simple, eye –catching superhero decoupage picture frame. Insert a picture of your child wearing a superhero costume into this frame.

diy picture frame

So what do you think of this  Captain America comic book themed photo frame from Etsy? Doesn’t it look great?

pciture frames for children's bedroom

This Batman photo frame is a cool photo frame for kids. You just need to paste a few additional painted  cardboard cutouts to the photo frame – Silhouettes of buildings, the Batman Logo and a cute Batman. Cover these with a single coat of colourless glue, once the paint dries.

Egg Carton Flower Frame

egg carton flower frame


This DIY photo frame is for cute and pretty girl bedrooms. Looking at this one, I was surprised to see how egg carton flowers could look so lovely! Though this tutorial is for a mirror frame, you can easily make one for your photographs too.
Via wonderfuldiy

Paper Quilling Photo Frame

diy paper quilling photo frame

Come up with some very pretty paper quilling artwork to cover a basic wood photo frame. Use lovely, vibrant coloured paper quills to make flowers, leaves, butterflies and what not. Check out this amazing DIY frame tutorial paper quilling art by Instructables. A paper quilling photo frame is a must on a girl bedroom wall.

Crayon Photo Frames

crayon photo frame

If you have school going kids, you ought to have dozens of packets of wax crayons at home. You either buy them or get them as return gifts at birthdays. In any case, make good use of these by crafting a clever crayon photo frame. Check out how Katie makes this lovely crayon DIY photo frame at  sweetrosestudio

crayon picture frame for kids bedroom
This is another crayon photo frame with a nice bow and the kid’s name pasted on top with some modelling clay.

Lego Photo Frame

lego photo frame

Lego is an all time favourite with boys. Use Lego blocks to create a simple, colourful and elegant photo frame for your boy’s bedroom. Top it with Lego characters. Vanessa has made this lovely DIY Frame and she tells you how at her blog See Vanessa Craft

Photo Frames Wall Clock

diy photo frame wall clock


Use about twelve photo frames to create an awesome wall clock. Let this be the focal point of your kid’s bedroom or even your bedroom. Try different coloured frames. Experiment with different sizes. Use black and white photographs or colour prints. Make a custom clock in the centre of your wall. Nail these twelve frames on the wall such that they depict various hours according to the hands of the clock.
Here is a detailed instruction set at photojojo

Magazine Photo Frame

magazine paper photo frame

Tear pages from old glossy magazines. Using thin sticks to roll these papers as tightly as possible. Stick the outer edges once done. Paste these magazine paper sticks onto an old wooden / plastic frame. Do this in a beautiful pattern of your choice. Check this out at craftstylish

Let me know if you have any more ideas for a cool DIY photo frame.

Wall Texture Design – Decorative 3D Wall Panels For Your Home


3d wall panels india

Do your walls need a bit of sprucing up? Plain, pastel coloured walls can be demotivating unless, of course, you have some green foliage or other embellishing artefacts placed tastefully that can divert your attention away from those drab walls. So how about getting them repainted?

Painting, however, can be quite messy and time consuming. That’s when you need to think of 3D wall panels. They are easy to install, non messy and come in a variety of designs. Besides, if you want to change the look and feel of a single wall of just one single room, say your living room, this is a better idea as compared to getting it painted. 3D wall panels can transform any boring wall into an attention grabbing focal point of that particular living space. It adds elegance and extravagance to your walls. 3D wall paneling can be applied to ceilings too.

3D Wall Panels

beautiful 3d wall panels

via mywallart.comlicensed under CC by 2.0

3D Wall Panels for walls

via  mywallart.comlicensed under CC by 2.0

Different Types Of 3D Wall Panels

You will come across different kinds of 3D wall panels in the market. Eco-friendly and biodegradable Plant fibre wall panels(made of bagasse, bamboo pulp etc.) ,  MDF sculptured wall panels, Gypsum plaster 3D wall panels,  3D Wood wall panels made of solid wood or reclaimed wood and PVC/PU leather textured 3d wall panels.

Cost of 3D Wall panels

Depending on the material used, a box of 12 panels can cost you Rs.4000 (approx.) and above.

Wall Decor Redefined

You can choose from a variety of 3D Designs. These panels add a touch of style and glamour to your walls at affordable prices. Be different…install them on ceilings too. They are easy to install and maintain.

3d wall panel for ceiling

via mywallart.comlicensed under CC by 2.0

Painted 3d wall panels

via mywallart.comlicensed under CC by 2.0

Moreover,  you can paint them in a colour of your choice in case you do not want pastel or white shades. If you are an ardent DIY fan, you can install them yourself, it’s that simple. Apply a coat of fire retardant primer after installation if required.

Watch this video to know how to install 3D wall panels in your home.