7 Best Magazines For Kids In India

Looking for popular magazines for kids in India? Kids magazines that cover everything from Science, Maths, Activities for kids, Culture, Amazing Facts, Nature, Animals and plants, Literature and the like, are many. You just need to know which one is right for your kids according to their age group. Most kids have short attention spans. It is important that kids magazines are fun and engaging instead of being preachy with long descriptive stories that will elicit nothing but a loud yawn from your little one.

Check out this list of children’s magazines that enhance your child’s learning abilities and grasping power in a wacky, fun manner. These magazine subscriptions for children offer high value for money with lots and lots of fun activities and valuable information for kids.

7 Popular Magazines For Kids In India

RobinAge : Weekly Children’s Newspaper

This is a popular weekly newspaper targeted at children in the age group of  4 and 15 years.  This newspaper carries information on science, social studies, current affairs,  sports, culture, careers and environment in addition to puzzles, activities and interactive projects.

Each issue has  a special Jr RobinAge supplement for very young  readers. Ranked no. 1 here as I found it to be the best kids newspaper for my child.

Subscribe to RobinAge.

Junior Explorer And Young Explorer by MET Knowledge explorer

kids magazines india

 Junior Explorer is a fun magazine for kids from Std.I to Std.IV, focusing on topics ranging from Science, Maths, Indian Culture, EVS, Places, Nature, History, GK and a lot more! I received an introductory issue via my son’s school. The language is simple yet engaging for younger kids in the age group of 5years to 8years. This kids magazine is full of activities and puzzles that improve logical, analytical and English Language / grammar skills.

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Young Explorer

kids magazines india

This kids magazine is targeted at children in the age groups of 10 – 15 years. It provides an insight into topics beyond school curriculum. It covers Science and Technology, Personality Development, Sports, Careers, Current Affairs, Arts and a lot more with interesting puzzles, quizzes and crosswords.

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Champak – Kids Magazines India

Kids magazines India

This magazine for children is one of the oldest in India, I guess. I grew up reading magazines like Champak and Gokulam , in the 1980’s , graduating to Reader’s Digest during the later years. Published in 8 languages, it has a lot of short stories, comic strips, brain teasers and jokes. It has 24 issues per year on a fortnight basis. Ideal for kids from Std I to Std V. You can ask your local newspaper delivery agency for subscriptions or Subscribe to Champak magazine online.

Tell Me Why

kids magazines india

This is a complete reference of 100 plus questions and answers dedicated to a particular topic in each issue. The language is simple and entertaining. Kids will not get bored reading. The printed matter has lots of illustrations, cartoons and pictures making it easier to comprehend things.

Published by Manorama Publications, you can subscribe to Tell Me Why-Kids Magazine online

Magic Pot

kids magazines india

This is a great kids magazine for pre-school and primary school kids in India. It has lots of activities, stories, puzzles and interesting stuff for inquisitive kids. Also published by Manorama Publications, you can subscribe to Magic Pot-Kids Magazine online

Highlights Genies

magazines for kids in india

This is an interesting magazine for kids in the age group of 2 years to 6 years. It helps in building essential skills with the help of fun activities. Developed by childhood development experts, this magazine is a good choice for pre-school goers and first graders. Available for Rs.40 per copy, you can subscribe to Highlights Genies here.

Go take your pick!  The most popular ones have been showcased here. Let me know if I missed out any!

sos whistle app for women safety

Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Women Safety

Smartphone apps for women safety are a must for women traveling alone. Disturbed by scary thoughts of some pervert trying to attack you, when travelling alone at at night? Well, there are many other alternatives to carrying pepper spray in your purse. Make your smartphones work as your personal bodyguards, fending off vicious attackers. Listed below are the best smartphone apps that vouch for women safety by sending SMS alerts, Facebook notifications besides alerting passersby, emergency hotlines and your circle of near and dear ones about your location and current situation. This can fend off attackers, perverts and eve teasers.

Top 5 apps for women safety

SOS Whistle

sos whistle app for women safety

SOS Whistle is a loud whistle blowing app for women safety that is easy to access and use in case of emergencies. To use, just press the whistle icon to make a loud whistling sound. Press it again to stop. A loud sound often scares attackers and alerts others, giving you enough time to run or hide. Easy to use and free, you can download it from Google Play


This is another easy to use app that notifies your trusted circle during emergencies, via SMS or Voice. At the time of setup, you have to input the names and contact numbers of people who should be contacted in case of an emergency. When in a dangerous situation, just push the big red SOS button which will automatically notify your selected contacts alongwith the GPS location of  your mobile phone. In fact its emergency alarm combines siren, video and live GPS tracing for women safety. The Follow Me and I’m here features let you share your GPS location instantly. bSafe also allows you to program a fake incoming call to scare attackers. bSafe app is available for iOS, Blackberry and Android in free and paid versions. You can dowload it at bSafe


Circle of 6

Winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, this app that lets you add 6 friends to your circle. The Circle Of 6 app sends a pre drafted SMS containing your GPS information to these selected friends with a ‘Come and Get Me’ message. You can SMS your circle to request a call back in case you need an interruption in an odd situation. Circle of 6 can be programmed to call emergency numbers and hotlines. This app is free to use. A must have app for women safety, download this at CircleOf6 .



This app is an India specific women safety app. It needs a Facebook login for download. Fightback sends emergency messages using GPS, GPRS, SMS and Email with a single tap touch. It also updates your Facebook status with current location and an emergency message visible to all friends in your Facebook network. Free to use, it is available for Android, Nokia and Blackberry smartphones. Download this app at Fightbackmobile .



This is a life saving family locator app connecting all family members in real time using GPS location of their smartphones. Once all family members download and install this app, you can send alerts via SMS, email and phone calls. Parents can keep track of their childrens’ location. Life360 can be used by women in threatening situations. This is a great app for women safety in times of natural disasters and any other emergency situations. It is free to use. You can download it for Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones at Life360.


Photo Credits – SOS Whistle