start a beauty salon - shades beauty salon, ghansoli

Shades Beauty Salon – Arti Gupta

How to start a  beauty salon? Well, the answer is not so difficult once you read this inspiring story.

start a beauty salon - shades beauty salon, ghansoli

Meet Arti Gupta – a successful woman entrepreneur from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Entering the beauty and fashion business in a place like Navi Mumbai is no small task. To start a beauty salon, one requires experience, research and tons of patience to handle clients. And to top it, comes the added responsibility of handling a family and bringing up kids.

Several homemakers have a flair for elegant dressing, hair styling and being up to date when it comes to make up, cosmetics, skin care, hair styling and hair color ideas. So much so that they have a knack of transforming any plain Jane into Aishwarya Rai or Jacqueline Fernandes. Arti is an inspiration for all women who wish to float their own venture in the beauty business.

Arti Gupta is a small town girl from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She says, ” I always had an inborn talent for fashion and beauty. I was often impressed by my elder sister who is a practising naturopath. I would give beauty tips to friends and acquaintances.”

After formal schooling, she procured a government recognized diploma in beauty and styling from Rimjhim Training Institute, Nagpur. She started off as a beauty and skin care expert with her beauty salon in Nagpur. Then Mumbai came calling. She got an interview call from Hindustan Lever for a position at Lakme, Sanpada. Though her parents were apprehensive at first, they gave their consent for shifting to Mumbai. She underwent training at Lakme and went on to work with them for over 4 years.

While at Lakme, she got married and had a kid. She took a 10 months break after her baby was born, then resumed work at Lakme. She adds, ” Those were the most stressful days of my life. I used to feel guilty for having to leave my baby at the daycare. ” However, her husband has always been supportive of her aspirations and dreams. He helped her set up her own beauty salon.

All this came up after a great deal of market survey. Arti surveyed almost all the beauty salons in the entire Ghansoli, Koparkhaine area. She found that most of them were the typical ‘Beauty Parlours’ of an era gone by with poorly trained staff and very basic beauty equipment. Besides, she wanted her workplace to be near her home. Finally, she came up with Shades Beauty Salon at sector 6, Ghansoli which is at a stone’s throw from her residence. This lets her manage her home, kid and business efficiently.

Keeping in touch with technology and new products is another aspect of running a successful salon business, she says. She attends training sessions and seminars on hair styling, hair coloring, facials, skin care etc. conducted by top companies in the beauty industry.

Arti says that it is important to network with owners of other beauty salons. It helps in conducting background checks for  new employees. Networking also gives her valuable information on product reviews, new technology and training sessions conducted by companies.

Shades is well equipped with the latest apparatus and a range of popular beauty products. Her staff  is well trained and polite. Apart from all this, her patience with clients, a charming personality and quality of service have ensured a steady flow of loyal customers.

So if you are a homemaker and have what it takes to be a beauty expert, it is an excellent idea to  start a  beauty salon.

Visit Shades Beauty Salon, Siddhivinayak CHS, Sector – 6, Ghansoli. Landmark – end of the bridge starting from Mookambika temple.

Start your own preschool - Ranjani Subramanian

Start your own preschool- Ranjani Subramanian

Every woman faces a dilemma in the middle of her career. Whether to take up a  new profession or just stay put. She may feel trapped in the wrong job or want some better prospects. She may be plain bored with the same old board meetings, deadlines or corporate responsibilities. Or the prospect of handling family, kids, social responsibilities along with a regular 9-5 job may be taking a heavy toll on her. Often, many women long for doing independent work or to start their own enterprise; something which gives them quality time to spend with family and kids, besides offering  immense satisfaction and happiness. It is very encouraging to note that many women are now taking the plunge,  changing their career path after  careful self assessment.

Check out this exclusive interview of Ranjani Subramanian who decided to follow her heart and make a career of what she loved doing the most – Teaching!

Start your own preschool - Ranjani Subramanian

Ranjani Subramanian is the founder and owner of Little Feet Kindergarten, Calicut – Visit the facebook page here – Little Feet Kindergarten. Enterprising and intelligent, she has put in a lot research, patience and hard work into this preschool. Little Feet Kindergarten was founded and launched in the year 2008, with an initial strength of 30 preschool children.  The strength has now gone up to a soaring 200 students.

Basically a TamBrahm(short for Tamil Brahmin), Ranjani Subramaniam was born in Mumbai and brought up in Bangalore. She graduated from Jyoti Nivas college, Bangalore with a degree in Science(B.Sc Electronics). Ranjani wanted to be a vet, but her grandmother disapproved the idea of her having to stay in a hostel for further studies. So B.Sc electronics was the choice! Then came marriage, and she found her soul mate in Mr. Subramaniam, a lawyer by profession. They settled in Bhopal and she began her duties as a homemaker. Soon she took up a law course to pass her time. Later when she had a daughter, Krutika, the owner of a playschool nearby approached her for being a teacher. Initially apprehensive for having to handle small kids, later on she felt at ease, with little Krutika tagging alongside.

Three years later, her career took a turn when her husband got a job transfer to Chennai.
There she started afresh, working as a law officer with Globe Detective Agency. Just four months into the job, she quit, as Krutika did not like being left in the care of a maid for long hours, back home. That is when Ranjani took up a Montessori teachers course in early childhood education, completed it and went back to her first love – teaching. She then joined a reputed school in Chennai.

But still, something was missing. Ranjani states that “The idea of my own preschool cropped up when I realized that I could not implement all that I wanted, as it had to be approved by the school management first. They were mainly interested in carrying on stereotype and not wanting to risk a deviation from the normal. Then as fate would have it, my father in law expired. We did not want to uproot my mother in law from Kerala, so both my husband and I resigned from our respective jobs and shifted to Kerala. He started his law practice and I was offered the position of head mistress in a local school. I worked there for 6 years and then finally started my own venture, my preschool – Little Feet Kindergarten.”

Her husband has been her strongest source of support. Her mother and daughter helped her with the initial search for kids toys, furniture, books etc.

Starting a new preschool of course involved immense hard work. Ranjani did a lot of research and visited schools in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Calicut to get a proper know – how on all the aspects that go into running a school successfully. She did what she wanted to – implementing her own school syllabus and curriculum, after careful planning and research.

She has written several preschool books for the children of playschool, nursery, Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg, published by Sura Books, Chennai.

She has not stopped at that. Ranjani completed her B.Ed three years back and has recently achieved a Masters degree in Psychology. She actively pursues her hobbies – reading, embroidery, music and gardening besides being a wonderful mom to her daughter Krutika and a great teacher to the little ones at Little Feet.

I would call Ranjani a bundle of  energy who always inspires others. Little Feet Kindergarten is a fun loving place for kids, combining play and study, with so many activities. Check out the snaps below.

Start your own preschool Little Champs at Little Feet Kindergarten

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut School Day Celebrations

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut - fancy dress Radha Krishna dance for the School Day celebrations

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut - Onam Onam festivities with kids

Onam Feast - Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut Kids enjoying Onam Sadhya(feast)

school picnic - Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut School picnic

Ranjani Subramanian is a true role model for many women who want to start an enterprise of their own beginning with an inspiration, close to their heart.

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jewellery designer - mumbai

Jewellery Designer Mumbai – Bhakti Maru Gogri

Beautiful jewelry is always in vogue; never goes out of fashion. But getting the right kind of jewelry design suited to your taste can be quite a pain. Not if you find the right jewelry designer who offers you resplendent and exquisite personalized jewelry that makes you stand out from the crowd.

jewellery designer - mumbai Bhakti Maru Gogri

Jewellery Designer

Bhakti Maru-Gogri is one such exceptionally talented and creative jewelry designer from Mumbai. She specializes in personalized jewelry with many satisfied clients across Mumbai. Her fascinating custom jewelry designs eventually metamorphose into stunning creations fit for different occasions like weddings, parties, traditional Indian functions and so on.

Bhakti studied Jewelry Design and Manufacture at the reputed Premila Vithaldas Polytechnic, SNDT, Juhu – Mumbai .  She was the university topper. She says “The practical hands-on experience with designing and manufacturing jewelry was excellent. It was like passing thru a sugarcane crusher, the sugarcane gets crushed to pulp, but the sugarcane juice is so sweet.”

She was awarded the Smt.Indira Randeri Award for standing first in the university final examinations, at the Annual Convocation of the S.N.D.T University. She has also won the Best Manufactured Collection Award and Merit Award for scoring the highest grade in the overall academic performance while studying Jewelry Design and Manufacture.


indian jewellery designer


Jewellery designer mumbai

Bhakti has worked as Marketing Manager & Product development head – (studded diamond  jewelry ) and has a fair hands on experience with export houses and local market companies.  She has designed jewelry for Surya Gold, Nakshatra Diamonds and many leading jewelry brands. Her favorite Indian jewelry store is Jewels Emporium from Jaipur – their creations are always showcased at the well known IIJS (India International Jewelry Show). Her favorite international jewelry brand is Van Cleef and Arpels, from Paris. Now a mom to  a 2 year old daughter, she mainly caters to clients from home, maintaining a wonderful work-family balance. Her main source of inspiration for designs comes from nature, arabic inscriptions and ancient Indian architecture. She adds, ” A design must have a strong meaning. The concept and meaning must be clearly justified by your design“. She does not favor simple western jewelry, but would rather go for a fusion of western and Indian designs, suitable for western outfits and casual occasions.

Jewellery Trends

Bhakti says current jewelry trends in India favor diamonds. Plain gold jewelry is passé. Young women are more in favor of a combination of gold and diamond jewelry. Diamonds are no longer meant only for the rich and famous. People from all classes are open to experimenting with diamond jewelry . Also youngsters love to experiment with a combination of colored gemstones and diamonds while the more traditional ones want only diamond and gold jewelry.

Customized jewellery

Bhakti offers  Made to Order Jewelry aka fully customized jewelry . The main advantage of going for customized jewelry is that your jewelry includes all your personal preferences. You can customize jewelry based on your choice of design, gemstones or even metal. Custom made jewelry is not for the masses and hence more emphasis is laid on personal choices that eventually makes your jewelry unique in all respects. Bhakti proclaims to customize a unique set of collection that every client  will be proud of owning. She espouses distinct designs, stunning displays and a personal touch that enriches your experience leaving you entirely satisfied with every purchase made and ensuring you  that everything that glitters can be yours!

The collection ranges from varieties in Cocktail Rings, Bangles, Pendant Sets, Chandelier Diamond Earrings,Necklace Sets, Earrings etc. Her collection comprises of an extensive range of diamond jewelrys, semi precious and precious gems, with various colors of gold, pearls, latest trends and ornaments that will truly make you the focal point  at all occasions.


ganesh pendant rudraksh

Featured above is a Ganesha pendant made of Gold, diamonds and a Rudraksha bead. It symbolizes Om – Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha and is traditional yet trendy.

Bhakti’s Jewelry Showcase

Check out this fascination collection of stunning jewelry pieces designed and manufactured by Bhakti.


  a necklace Delicate necklace – Journey from illustration on paper to finished piece

Floral Bouquet Pendant Set Smoky Quartz Diamonds Floral bouquet inspired pendant set in smoky quartz and diamonds

diamond pendant Diamond pendant – inspired by nature

Floral Pendant Set Cabachons champagne diamonds White Diamonds Floral inspired pendant set with cabochons, champagne diamonds and white Diamonds

bangles Bangles

bangles Bangle with pressure set diamonds

mangalsutra design Mangalsutra design

necklace design Necklace

ladies ring Ladies ring

mens ring Mens ring

mens jewellery  sartej Sar pej for men

mens jewellery  kurta buttons diamonds amethyst Kurta buttons with diamonds and amethysts

Her favorite jewellery for an Indian Bride – a pair of anklets and a necklace.
Her favorite jewellery for an Indian Groom – Sar pej (an embellishment or accessory worn on the turban or head gear)
Her favorite jewelry for a baby girl – a pair of anklets and small diamond ear studs in gold.

Contact Bhakti at bhakti.gogri(at) for personalized jewelry .

Talking of family support

All this could not have been achieved without determination and staunch family support . Bhakti is very grateful to her parents, especially her father who stood like a rock behind her and who always supported her dreams of being a successful jewellery designer one day. Her husband, Pankaj shares her enthusiasm and is proud of her achievements. Her business has spread by word of mouth, with many customers coming back for more.

Bhakti’s advice for aspiring jewellery designers

Many ladies who are homemakers and college students aspire to be jewelry designers one day. But they are not aware of the right institutions to undertake an appropriate course. Many institutes offer training on jewelry design and do not focus much on jewelry manufacturing. In fact, they do not offer hands on training for manufacturing. A good looking design may not always be practical or wearable. So learning how to manufacture a design is a must. A good institute must compulsorily offer training on jewelry design, jewellery manufacture, market research and must also offer placements. They must have proper affiliation to well known universities and good knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Bhakti vouches for PV Polytechnic, SNDT-Juhu. Also, make sure that you have a lot of time to dedicate to training. This requires plenty of patience and hard work.

Trendy Indian Bags -Amruta Deshmukh

Creative Bags – Amruta Deshsmukh


Amruta Deshmukh
Amruta Deshmukh is like any other cheery and happy-go-lucky college goer but with a difference. This highly creative, artistic young lady takes art seriously. She has put to good use, her passion for creativity and strong desire for financial independence by converting it into a profitable business. Her amazing collection of  college handbags, creative bags, clutches, sheet bags, photo frames  and portfolio holders is often sold within hours of being put up on her website.

Amruta is a graduate in Mass Media and Communications. She has also done certificate courses in photography, photo editing, film making, vfx, editing and MAYA animation basics. She has been learning to draw since grade IV, has cleared elementary and intermediate drawing exams at school level in addition to signing up for constant hobby classes. Quite impressive!

So what fueled her passion for making business out of art?

Well, this is what she has to say ” It is quite a story, actually I love bright colors. I had a good collection of t-shirts. Since they were getting old, my dad was forcing me to get rid of them.  I loved them and did not want to throw them off. I suddenly got an idea and  converted it into a bag. I had no idea about sewing machines, so my first ‘t-shirt bag’ was made up of stapler pins and cello tape. It was a bright green bag and I was feeling very awkward to carry it to the college. but people loved it, and my friends forced to make similar stuff for them”

She does not restrict herself to any single product, experimenting with trendy handbags, college handbags, handmade clutches, accessories, wallets and much more at affordable prices.

Check out her wonderful collection!

Portfolio HoldersBlack n Red bag with a roseDragon BagCanvas with a clockEmbroidered handbagGreen Lady HandbagJeans HandbagTrendy College BagStars HandbagMirrorwork HandbagTrendy WalletsBlue and White Handbag

Her primary source of inspiration is  her best buddy ‘Kusum’ and her family. And she adds “Every person who likes my artwork is an inspiration.”

She loves experimenting with colors and is constantly innovating new stuff.
Check out her artwork at Artist Collections

A true inspiration for many home makers and college students who wish to make a business out of their hobbies, passions or avid interests.