Top 5 Smartphone Apps For Women Safety

sos whistle app for women safety

Smartphone apps for women safety are a must for women traveling alone. Disturbed by scary thoughts of some pervert trying to attack you, when travelling alone at at night? Well, there are many other alternatives to carrying pepper spray in your purse. Make your smartphones work as your personal bodyguards, fending off vicious attackers. Listed below are the best smartphone apps that vouch for women safety by sending SMS alerts, Facebook notifications besides alerting passersby, emergency hotlines and your circle of near and dear ones about your location and current situation. This can fend off attackers, perverts and eve teasers.

Top 5 apps for women safety

SOS Whistle

sos whistle app for women safety

SOS Whistle is a loud whistle blowing app for women safety that is easy to access and use in case of emergencies. To use, just press the whistle icon to make a loud whistling sound. Press it again to stop. A loud sound often scares attackers and alerts others, giving you enough time to run or hide. Easy to use and free, you can download it from Google Play


This is another easy to use app that notifies your trusted circle during emergencies, via SMS or Voice. At the time of setup, you have to input the names and contact numbers of people who should be contacted in case of an emergency. When in a dangerous situation, just push the big red SOS button which will automatically notify your selected contacts alongwith the GPS location of  your mobile phone. In fact its emergency alarm combines siren, video and live GPS tracing for women safety. The Follow Me and I’m here features let you share your GPS location instantly. bSafe also allows you to program a fake incoming call to scare attackers. bSafe app is available for iOS, Blackberry and Android in free and paid versions. You can dowload it at bSafe


Circle of 6

Winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, this app that lets you add 6 friends to your circle. The Circle Of 6 app sends a pre drafted SMS containing your GPS information to these selected friends with a ‘Come and Get Me’ message. You can SMS your circle to request a call back in case you need an interruption in an odd situation. Circle of 6 can be programmed to call emergency numbers and hotlines. This app is free to use. A must have app for women safety, download this at CircleOf6 .



This app is an India specific women safety app. It needs a Facebook login for download. Fightback sends emergency messages using GPS, GPRS, SMS and Email with a single tap touch. It also updates your Facebook status with current location and an emergency message visible to all friends in your Facebook network. Free to use, it is available for Android, Nokia and Blackberry smartphones. Download this app at Fightbackmobile .



This is a life saving family locator app connecting all family members in real time using GPS location of their smartphones. Once all family members download and install this app, you can send alerts via SMS, email and phone calls. Parents can keep track of their childrens’ location. Life360 can be used by women in threatening situations. This is a great app for women safety in times of natural disasters and any other emergency situations. It is free to use. You can download it for Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones at Life360.


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What is Pica – Causes and Treatment

What is Pica syndrome?
is an obsessive eating disorder where a person feels like eating inedible substances like mud, chalk, soap, paper, ice, paint, burnt match stick heads, cigarette butts etc. In some cases, the person may be inclined to eat large quantities of raw rice, cornstarch, salt etc. Pica is named after the bird ‘Magpie’ which is known to eat almost anything. Pica syndrome may also occur due to other factors like mental disorders, celiac disease or stress. But if these factors have been ruled out and a person is anemic, then the cause of Pica is mineral deficiency, largely iron and zinc. A person suffering from Pica syndrome loves to inhale smells like those of Petrol fumes, turpentine, paint, naphthalene balls and may give in to the urge of consuming these things as well! That is the point when it gets dangerous. Eating stuff like paint may cause lead poisoning,  inhaling petrol fumes and smelling naphthalene can affect your lungs. Pica eventually makes a person less hungry and dull. In many cases, a hardened mass is formed in the stomach from all the non-digestible substances that a person consumes.

pica - obsessive eating disorder

Causes of Pica syndrome
Anemia resulting from iron-deficiency is a major cause of concern among women, all over the world. In women, anemia is largely due to pregnancy, breast feeding and menstruation that render the body devoid of essential minerals like iron and zinc. Anemia is characterized by fatigue, weakness, pallor i.e. pale hands, eyes and nails in addition to hair loss. The problem here is that anemia often goes unnoticed till the symptoms get more severe. When a person is very anemic with low hemoglobin levels, Pica syndrome  sets in.

Pica Treatment
Do not hesitate to consult  your family doctor or general physician if you crave eating inedible substances listed above. There is nothing to be ashamed of. There are many women who suffer from this problem.

Your doctor will conduct blood tests to determine the cause of Pica. X-rays may be done to check the presence of foreign substances in your digestive system and chest.

If you are anemic with sever malnutrition, iron and zinc supplements in addition to other nutritional supplements will be prescribed. In severe cases, doctors may prescribe hemoglobin injections which bring back blood hemoglobin levels to normal, faster than iron supplements or tablets.

Pica syndrome may also result from other factors other like mental retardation or Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. In such cases, it is best to consult a psychiatrist.
People suffering from pica due to developmental disorders can avail of  psychological and psychiatric treatment that will help to rectify the disorder.  It is best to consult a mental health care provider for the same, if required.

In addition to iron supplements, women need to take proper care of their daily diet. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, fish, nuts, iron rich foods – in short, a proper balanced diet is very important. Eliminate stress and depression  by practicing relaxation techniques and physical exercises like yoga.

Pica resulting on account anemia and nutritional deficiency, disappears completely with a nutritious diet, health supplements and counseling.

Women need not be disheartened if they suffer from Pica syndrome. You can absolutely get rid of this eating disorder.

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Getting married after 30

wedding rings platinum

Being 30 is like having reached a milestone in your life. You are successful, more confident, at a peak position in your career and much more! But there is that sinking feeling somewhere inside you which makes you feel lonely all the time. And of course, there are the other aspects: society, an occasional grey hair, your married friends having their own families and a feeling of how great it would be to have somebody to take care of you, comfort you and just be there for you! All this makes you wonder whether you are on the right side of 30 or on the wrong side of it!

The good news is you can never be on the wrong side of 30 or any age for that matter.
There are people who would rather remain single than shoulder the innumerable responsibilities that come with getting married and having a family. They will be happy with their own lives because that is what they want. But for those who wish to find an ideal life partner, read on…

wedding rings platinum

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Society today is more acceptable to the fact that a woman can marry late.  It was a different issue a few decades ago. Social pressure would often make sure that a woman got married before she crossed 25 years. This is more or less true in Asian countries.

Back then there were no social networking sites. But now you can take advantage of them. Women who have gone thru a divorce can find prospective grooms with a similar background. Yours must not be a case of once bitten twice shy!

You must be careful not to share personal information with total strangers,though. But you can make social networking sites work to your advantage. You can connect with co-workers, old friends, neighbors, share common interests, get to know their plus points and check out if they are suitable for you. Take the instance of veteran Indian actress Suhasini Mulay who tied the knot at 60 years of age. She found her husband on Facebook! Click here to read how things clicked between the two!

Submit your profile to leading matrimonial services or dating services. Paying a subscription fee to online matrimonial  services of repute will ensure better services and authentic information. You can even chat, email or talk to prospective grooms. Some common sense on your part will make sure you do not get cheated by fraudsters posing as grooms. You can even let your parents, trusted friends or guardians do the talking. Uploading a profile is to make people know of your existence, your qualities and your willingness to get married. To find the right groom, you have to have choices, you have to know of factors that are compatible to you both.

Enhance your personality. Be confident of your abilities and looks. It is a good idea to visit a salon.Eat well. Dress neatly.De-stress yourself.
You would not want to marry some one who is negative, worries a lot and has a below average personality, right? The same goes for guys looking for prospective brides.

It is never too late to get married and it is better late than never. The only point to ponder over is that it is a blessing to have someone who loves you and cares for you, always by your side, accompanying you thru the journey of life. Solitude is sickening after a point in life. So get up and get going!


Single Motherhood – Tips For Single Mothers

single motherhood

Single motherhood may be taking its toll on you. As a single mother, you may feel all alone, with a full time job, running your home, educating and taking care of your kids(s) and the whole lot! You may be a single mother by choice or due to various factors beyond control which may be attributed to fate or God’s will.

single motherhood

However, do not lose heart! This is not the end of the world. Remember, there are many more unfortunate people out there who do not even have a roof over their heads or food or medical facilities especially in poor countries.

Lets see how you can handle all these responsibilities and more without getting tired! Remember, its all in the mind.

Single Motherhood – Top Tips  To Live A Happy Life

Balance Work And Home

The most important challenge for a single mother is balancing work and day to day activities of children including packing lunches, school, day care, home work, dinners and so on. First and foremost, make a time table. It sounds boring, but is the most effective tool of time management. That way, you can keep track of several activities and make sure you have not missed out on any thing. Mark important dates, activities, bill due dates, reminders in a monthly planner and stick it onto the refrigerator using magnets. (We don’t want ugly looking adhesive bits on the refrigerator door).

Single Motherhood – Cooking Tips

Buy fresh food/ingredients for making easy to prepare meals. If you can afford it, employ a good maid/cook who will come when you are around and finish off her work. Let her prepare both lunch and dinner which you can warm later, thereby saving you time in the evening. You can use this time to be with your children. The quality of time you spend with them matters and not the number of hours. If its not possible to employ a cook, prepare dinners and lunches in the morning and refrigerate. You can always warm it again

You can get a whole lot of recipes for easy to prepare meals, here:
Quick recipes for single mothers

Quick n Easy recipes by Tarla Dalal

Build A Strong Social Circle

A single mother must be part of a social circle. Having good friends is an essential part of life, especially if you are a single mother. Establish a good social circle. Make good friends. It may be your neighbor, old friends or your mom’s friends or the nice lady at the store down the street. You can get lots of valuable information from them like reliable day care, creche, nannys, after school tuition teachers, doctors and child psychologists in your area etc. You can also get information about new jobs and other helpful information. Maintain good relations with friends. Being a single mother is not easy, but if you are emotionally strong everything is like a gentle breeze. Friends and colleagues give a lot of emotional and mental support.

Deal With Absence Of A Father

The absence of a male role model plays a very important part in the life of a child. But do not let that bother you. A single mother can effectively play the role of a good father. Put up a brave front in front of the children. Do not cry in front of them or yell at them when you are frustrated. Crying and venting out your frustration is necessary for a calm mind. But do it behind closed doors or speak with your close friends. Else it may affect the child’s self-confidence. Take up activities with your children that they  used to enjoy doing with their father.

Handle A Divorce Sensibly

A single mother who has gone thru a bitter lawsuit must refrain from talking to the children, bad things about their father. A divorce or lawsuit between the both of you does not necessarily mean that your spouse cannot be a good father to your children. If he has been a good father, let him meet the children if  he or your children want it that way. Keep your grudges aside for the sake of your kids.

Do Some Financial Planning

Plan your finances well. A monthly planner will again be of great help. Reduce trips to the supermarket. Buy things that you actually need. Prepare a monthly budget.

Have Fun With Kids

Take your kids for a walk to the local park, or hang out with them on weekends. Show your love for your child. Praise him for good work and scold him for anything bad that he may do. Find a good child care center thru your social circle.

Do not carry work home. You will be stressed out, I’m sure. Read more on stress busting and relaxation techniques to feel better.

Single Motherhood – Not All That Bad

There is a whole new world waiting for you out there. Being a single mother is not a botheration or something that sparks off uncertainty about the future. Its a challenge, yes, but you have the potential to make the entire process a wonderful experience. Do not let your past trouble you and stop you from having a great future. A little bit of planning day to day activities, finances and having a great social circle will make you a confident and super single mother!

How to deal with PMS – Symptoms And Remedies

pms symptoms

Worried sick on how to deal with PMS? Do you dread that particular time of the month when you develop PMS symptoms?

how to deal with pms
Facts Of PMS Symptoms

PMS also known as pre-menstrual syndrome is a condition caused by hormonal imbalances characterized by physical and emotional symptoms pertaining to the menstrual cycle. PMS symptoms are seen anytime during the ten days immediately before the start of menses. Physical PMS symptoms include fatigue, bloating, breast discomfort, headache, leg ache, muscle ache, acne and appetite changes. Emotional PMS symptoms include stress,depression and increased irritability. A normally calm, soft spoken  and well mannered woman may become angry and quarrelsome during these days. Women may suffer from all or any of these symptoms. Women already suffering from severe depression must consult a doctor for PMS.

How to deal with PMS

Exercise and lifestyle changes can provide relief from PMS symptoms. Exercise includes brisk walking for 4-5 times a week, abdominal exercises, jogging, swimming and cycling. Research has proved that Yoga is an excellent way to beat PMS blues.


Diet For PMS

Food habits  must be changed during these few days. Avoid oily, fried foods. Avoid intake of caffeine and alcohol. Due to hormonal imbalances, you will be tempted to drink tea,coffee etc. and gorge on fried snacks and chocolates. But do not give in to these tendencies. Have fruit juice instead. You must eat foods high in fibers, fresh vegetables, fruits and food grains. Avoid red meat. Eat fish, which is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat foods rich in calcium, vitamin A,B and E. Whatever you eat or drink, make sure it is warm. Take bath with warm water. Constipation during this period is a major culprit. Drink plenty of water and include fiber in your diet to eliminate constipation. Avoid starchy vegetables like potato and vegetables that cause flatulence. Include ginger and garlic in your diet to avoid gas formation.

PMS Mood Boosters

Avoid company of pessimists and people who gossip. Listen to music. Music has soothing powers. It freshens the mind and soul.

Above all, a woman must think of this – The modern woman is strong, she has made many achievements. She works at office, manages home and family and is the key to happiness in a family. She plays multiple roles successfully! She is a mother, wife, colleague, daughter and is at par with men. So something as small as PMS must not be able to defeat the  strong woman in you!

PMS Tips For Husbands

Men in the family must understand that this is just a passing phase caused by hormonal imbalances and that nothing is being said or done intentionally to hurt anybody. They must be caring and compassionate towards their wives during this phase and must be ready to forgive and forget temper tantrums.

Mother-in-law problems

Do you have a difficult mother-in-law who is always hard to please? Do you have a strained relationship with your mother-in-law? Are you always at loggerheads with each other?

Difficult Mother In Law – Why is she like this?

Insecure mother in law

Well, there is a reason behind this, which many of us are unaware of. It is insecurity. A mother lovingly nurtures and develops her son from infancy to adulthood. She takes care of him when he is ill, teaches him to read and write, instills values in him, worries about him when he is late from school. She helps him participate in school competitions, cooks his favorite food, showers gifts on him, buys his favorite toys and books. And the list goes on.

In short, a mother is major a part of her son’s life, that is till he gets married. Now she has to share him with a new woman. This triggers anxiety, jealousy and insecurity in the mother, especially if she fails to accept the fact with an open heart. This insecurity makes the mother feel that her son may abandon her and not care for her when she is too old. So, to show her rights over her son, she resorts to nagging and finding faults with the daughter-in-law. A daughter-in-law on the other hand fails to realize this problem as she has just entered a new phase of life and is not aware of how to deal with it.

To handle this difficult situation, Being a daughter-in-law, realize that your mother-in-law is insecure. She will try to control her son till she realizes that you care for her and will not abandon her in the long run. You cannot possibly control your mother-in-law, but you can definitely change your reaction towards her behavior.

Imagine you are put up with a new room-mate in the first year of your college, in a college hostel. Initially, it takes time for you to build trust with the new room-mate.Your views are different, tastes are different, likes and dislikes are different too. But eventually, by the time you finish your college, you become best friends with your room-mate. Accept your mother-in-law’s choice of food, clothes, home articles, cooking etc. By accept, I mean accept with a smile, not by being submissive. Be confident, smile and tell her that her choice is good even if you think otherwise. When she is tired, give her a glass of juice or a cup of tea. Make her feel secure with you. Ask for her opinion in certain matters like cooking your husband’s favorite food. Tell her, “Your son always praises your style of cooking.” If she is not a great cook, you can praise some other trait of hers.

Slowly, but surely, she will start trusting you. Do not argue and fight over issues. If she starts the argument or instigates you to fight by blaming your relatives, just go to your room, close the door and stay there for some time. Remember, do not expect miraculous results. You have to keep practicing this patiently for at least 6 months to a year. 90 percent of Mother-in-law issues can get sorted out this way.

Keep practicing these tips with lots of patience and you will be able to bounce back to normalcy and out of mother-in-law blues.

When to stop being normal

However, do note that despite your efforts to make peace, if cruelty crosses all limits, then do not hesitate to take legal help or assistance from local social service groups and NGOs.