How to make pani puri at home?

Is it one of those days when your kids ask you for a snack – something different and you wonder what to make? – Something that is healthy and wholesome… Pani puri is a good bet.  You can add sprouts, date chutney, pudina dhania chutney and pomegranate seeds to make it nutritious. You put different filling in the puris to make them look colorful, flavorful and lip smacking.

Here is how you have a nice pani puri party at home for kids!

recipe of pani puri

How to make pani puri at home?

For the puris

Get Natural’s ready to fry puri from any local supermarket like D’Mart. They are so easy to fry. You don’t even have to turn them over in oil. The puffed puris turn themselves over due to their unique machine cut shape. For the Pani – You can buy a pack of Everest pani puri masala.

Pani puri filling recipe – for 50 puris

Potato Filling

Boiled potatoes – 4 large ones

Coriander leaves – dhania (cleaned and chopped ) – 1 cups

Cumin powder – ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Mash boiled potatoes and mix with the above ingredients and keep aside in a serving bowl.

Sprout Filling

Whole Moong (green gram) –  2 cups

Soak moong overnight till you get sprouts. Lightly steam the sprouts with some salt and chilli powder. Keep aside.

Ragda Filling

Dried white peas – 6 cups

Soak  dried white peas in water for 3 hours. Cook them in pressure cooker for 15 minutes and mash them. Add salt and keep aside in a serving bowl.

Pani Puri Chutney

Date Tamarind Chutney

Dates – deseeded and chopped – 3 cups

Tamarind – a medium sized ball.

Jaggery – a small piece (optional)

Mix these together and pressure cook them for 10 minutes. After it cools down, grind them to a smooth paste. This chutney has a sweet and sour taste that make the puris yummier.

Coriander Mint Chutney

Coriander leaves – 5 cups

Mint leaves – 5 cups

Lemon juice – ½ tsp or kokum – 1 piece

Grind these leaves with some salt and lemon juice or kokum for a sour taste. You can put a few cashewnuts while grinding so that the chutney doesn’t get too runny.

Paani puri ka pani

Take ½ a liter of water in large bowl. Add 3 tsps of paani puri masala. Add ½ tsp of min coriander chutney and mix well.


Bhujia Sev or Nylon Sev – 500 gm packet.

How to eat pani puri?

Now arrange these bowls at the centre of a mat – yes on a mat – thats how you enjoy pani puri the Indian way!

Take a small spoon, make a small hole on one side of the puri. Add potato, ragda, date-tamarind chutney and mint-coriander chutney. Add sprouts and top it with some sev. Add a spoonful of paani.

Open you mouth wide and pop your puri in! Slurrrrp it up! And I can’t describe the awesome taste here – You have to eat it to believe it. I simply forget everything when a pani puri pops into my mouth!


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