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Lunch box ideas | School lunches

Racking your brains for new lunch box ideas and recipes for kids school lunches? All you frustrated moms out there, who keep wondering on what to pack for kids lunch boxes, this article is exclusively for you! Come and take this 5 day tiffin challenge with me. I am a mom with just two hands(wish I had a dozen!) who keeps thinking how to make school lunches more yummy and at the same time healthy, for my 6yr old son.  Somehow he feels healthy food is not tasty! And this time I have decided to prove him wrong with these nutritious lunch box ideas and recipes for kids school lunches.

Note: Click on the images or on the links below them for the detailed recipes of the food featured here.


Well on the first day, I’m a bit nervous. But this is a “sure to be eaten stuff” kind of lunch box idea. So I begin the first day of my challenge with yummy veg cutlets. Made of bread, boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables, this is a great choice for quick fix school lunches, especially if you have left over vegetable side dishes from the day before. Just make sure you warm refrigerated left overs properly before using them for veg cutlets.

Veg cutlet recipe for kidsVeg cutlets for kids


For day 2, I decided to stick to traditional Indian flat bread- Methi Paratha, made of Wheat flour, fenugreek leaves and spices. Methi Paratha with Boondi Raita is nutritious and filling for kids. Clean and chop the fenugreek leaves the day before and refrigerate. Methi i.e. fenugreek has many health benefits. You may substitute fenugreek leaves with spinach or coriander leaves.

Methi paratha for kids Methi paratha for kids


Day 3 of my tiffin challenge – I decide to stick to some tangy lemon rice for my kids school lunch . Lemon rice is a treat for your taste buds when teamed with a spicy side dish made of chick peas and some curd.

tangy south indian lemon rice recipe Lemon rice for kids

 DAY 4

Day 4 arrives. I have not given up as yet. This time it is going to be veg patties with Quaker Oats and  fresh vegetables for my kids school lunch, very nutritious. Oats is rich in fiber and relieves constipation. It is great for kids who hate having oats in any other form especially with sweetened milk.

Oats and vegetable patty recipe Veg patties for kids

 DAY 5

Keeping Day 5 simple, I decide to make some healthy Rava Upma made of wheat semolina. I put in carrots, cashews, green peas, some beans and pack some sliced bananas and sugar separately for my kid’s lunch box.

rawa upma with vegetables and cashews Rawa Upma – Semolina Upma for kids

The verdict
1. Veg cutlets – 5 stars
2. Methi Paratha with Boondi Raita – 5 stars
3. Lemon Rice – 3 stars – My kid ate the lemon rice all right, but did not touch the chick pea side dish. I guess it was too spicy for him.
4. Veg patties – 5 stars
5. Upma – 5 stars.  My son loved eating this with sliced bananas and sugar.

Lessons learned

Put yourself in your kids shoes to understand what they would like to have for school lunches. The side dishes and accompaniments matter. They may make your child eat the food or leave it untouched. Variety is the main spice of lunch box ideas for kids.

So are you ready to take the 5 day tiffin challenge?

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