Pudina chutney recipe

pudina chutney recipe

pudina chutney

This sweet and sour pudina chutney reminds me of fun school days when mom kept yummy vegetable sandwiches ready when I returned from school.  She would put this delicious spread on all bread slices with tomato ketchup and good old ‘aloo ki sabzi’ – potato side dish, capsicum and thin slices of onion. Sometimes, I preferred plain cheese spread to tomato ketchup. Pudina chutney is also super tasty when served as mint dips for starters, both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Well, the other day, I called her up and got the recipe. Decided to recreate the pudina chutney sandwich magic for my 6 year old son.

So here is how you make it!

You will need:

Fresh mint leaves (Pudina) – 2 cups
Fresh Cilantro / coriander leaves / Dhaniya – 1/2 cup
Raw mango pieces – 1/2 cup
Coconut grated – 1 cup
Green chillies – 1
Sugar – 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste

How to prepare
Grind all these ingredients to form a smooth paste like consistency. Spread this on brown bread sandwiches or use this as tangy mint dips for starters. This sweet, sour and spicy pudina chutney with a mouth watering aroma of cilantro and mint will remind you of good old days and everything mom-made 😉

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