How to grow ginger – top tips

Growing ginger in a pot is a great idea for urban gardening. You can grow ginger root with minimum resources in your balcony or roof gardens. All you need is a plant container and some rich potting soil which is loose and does not become solid over time. Do not use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers and you can grow organic ginger root in your garden.

grow ginger root

Tips to grow ginger

Fill a 12″ wide and 10″ deep plant pot with rich potting soil. Place a firm and healthy piece of ginger  just below the surface of the soil.  Place the pot in a sunny place. Cool temperature will result in poor growth. Pour less water initially before the shoots begin to appear. Use boiled and cooled,strained, plain black tea water to water the ginger plant. Tea is an excellent organic fertilizer for plants.

In 4-6 months, the ginger plant grows 2-4 feet tall. When the leaves begin to wilt and dry, it is time to dig out the ginger root.The ginger plant in the picture is mature and the leaves have started drying. Cut the wilted leaves. Then dig out the ginger root with a garden spade.
grow ginger root

Clean and wash the ginger. Place the washed pieces in the sun to dry.

grow ginger root
The best part is, it was planted by my little boy. He was so happy to harvest his very own organically grown ginger. So you see, this is an ideal  DIY organic gardening project for kids.

Health benefits of ginger
Ginger aids digestion. Hot ginger tea is a good remedy for cold and flu. It boosts immunity and is a powerful anti-oxidant. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and is good for bowel disorders. It also relieves headaches due to indigestion, morning sickness and eases asthma symptoms if taken regularly.

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