Amazing Natural Fertilizer For Curry Leaf Plant

I was looking for a safe to use, natural fertilizer for curry leaf plant. I love my curry leaf plant; and not without reason. South Indian cooking can’t do without the inclusion of green, fragrant curry leaves. These leaves are packed with medicinal magic. They’re good for your hair and aid digestion. These also help in keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. These leaves also top the list of herbs that facilitate anti-ageing.

It broke my heart to see an army of slimy slugs making a meal of my plant. I did get rid of the slugs, but my plant was reduced to a mere stick with a few leaves on it.

Natural Fertilzer For Curry Leaf Plant

curd - natural fertilizer for curry leaf plant

That’s when my mom came visiting. She loves gardening and is an expert at it. She made a quick solution of 3 teaspoons of sour curd in 2 cups of water. This was poured at the base of the curry leaf plant. “ Of all things CURD?”, I thought. This actually worked like magic. Two weeks later, my curry leaf plant grew taller, stronger and greener with lots of aromatic leaves.  The trick is to keep using the sour curd fertilizer for your curry leaf plant thrice a week, initially. Later on, once a week is more than enough.

Natural fertilizers are the best for your vegetable garden. Note that curd has so far worked only for the curry leaf plant. I am yet to try this on other plants.

I have since then given more importance to natural pesticides for plants as well. In case we have another aphid infestation or slug attack, I’m better prepared to handle it.


Photo Credits: Curry Leaves – dlanglois  CC BY-SA 3.0, text added
Curd – ji-elle CC BY-SA 3.0, text added

8 Replies to “Amazing Natural Fertilizer For Curry Leaf Plant”

  1. Hi Merle,

    There is this indoor hydroponic kit from IKEA that you could use. It lets you grow all year round without soil and is suited to poor light conditions.

  2. is it safe to use curd in winter on curry leave plant as you mentioned? I leave in new jersey, USA, Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    Mix a small amount of curd, say 1/2 tsp, with some lukewarm water and use. Using curd twice a week would be enough in winters. Its safe. Keep your plant indoors during winter, where it can get some natural light. It needs warmth.

    Hope this helps.

  4. How did you get rid of slugs? I am in eastern part of canada and since now weather has started warming up.. I need to bring curry plant back to life. It has seen pretty harsh winter. its in a pot but slugs have eaten them all and the plant has started blacking up.. Please guide.


  5. Hi Nenncy,

    Slugs are bad…yes. Crush eggshells to a fine powder. Spread this around the roots. Sprinkle some over the leaves. This should keep them away. You can also keep a beer trap. Bury a small yogurt container in the soil, upto an inch from the rim. Fill it with beer.Slugs crawl in. Throw them out in the morning. And yes, do not water your plants in the evening.

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