Window Garden – DIY

Window garden - window sill garden - window herb garden
Adding a bit of green  to your living space, creates a calm and beautiful atmosphere at home. Window gardens are the best way to plant a garden in less space, especially when you live in apartments or condominiums. Planting organic window gardens are ideal for the aged, with mobility problems. Using window planters and flower pots, you can grow your very own kitchen  garden with organic herbs, medicinal plants, flowering plants. Learn how to garden with a window box suited to your window. All you need is a few basic garden supplies and planters.

Tips for a beautiful window garden

Plants shown in the picture above are basil or Tulsi, Murraya koenigii or curry leaves, yellow hibiscus and a few flowering plants to make your window garden look pretty. Basil, hibiscus and curry plant have medicinal properties and can be used in curing a variety of ailments. Of these, basil and curry leaves are used extensively for cooking.

Choose terracotta planters, as they are porous and allow the roots to breathe. Also, they do not retain too much of water and have good thermal properties. Use planters that are at least 6 inches to 12 inches deep. You may use individual containers or a single long container for 2 or 3 herbs planted together. Mix some organic fertilizer or organic compost to the potting soil. Add 2 inches thick layer of  this potting mix, place the plant over this. Fill in the remaining potting soil, firm it around the roots. The soil texture must be just right i.e. a proper mix of sand, clay and silt, properly aerated. Make sure you leave 2 inches space from the top of each planter for watering.

Ensure that you do not overcrowd your window with planters; this may block the view from your window. Leave some space in between the planters. In case of window grills, you can use a wrought iron or steel rod for hanging flowering shrubs from the top, as shown above. Ask for shrubs that do not grow tall and just trickle down the sides of the flower pots. You can even grow bougainvillaea, money plants etc. in hanging flower pots, keeping the growth in check by trimming the leaves periodically. Grow ginger, tomatoes, chillies and useful herbs this way.

Tips for choosing plants for your window garden

Select plants whose growth is suited to the available space. I planted yellow hibiscus for the medicinal properties of the flowers and leaves. Hibiscus flower tea taken internally lowers blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol levels(LDL). Tea made of hibiscus leaves is an excellent conditioner for your hair and a good remedy for dandruff. However, the plant grows quite tall unless you prune the stems and leaves as and when required.

While selecting flowering shrubs, make sure you ask the expert at the local nursery, if the pollen or any part of the plant can be allergic to you.

Find out the watering requirements for each plant. Check whether they grow well or wilt in direct sunlight depending on the placement of your window w.r.t sunlight.

All said and done, give a green thumb to container gardening in your apartment windows that will be well appreciated by friends and guests alike. Plus, you also contribute to a greener urban environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Following these tips, you can also learn  how to garden for kids.



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