Best Foot Cream In India – 5 Best ones for cracked heels

Googling for the very best foot cream in India? Cracked heels cause a lot of discomfort, especially during winters. Besides the pain, cracked heels can embarrass you in public. What you need to do is to moisturize those dry cracked heels. You see a lot of adverts for cracked heel creams and often wonder which one to buy. Check out these foot creams for cracked heels which go a long way towards healing your heels.

Best Foot Cream in India – Top 5

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

cetaphil moisturizing lotion review -cracked heels cream

This moisturizing lotion is a little thick and is easily absorbed into your heels. Non allergic, it soothes dry cracked heels and makes the skin soft and free of cracks.
It costs Rs 260 for a 100 ml pack.

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion review

Oriflame Foot Cream

oriflame feet up - foot cream india

Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream is enriched with cocoa butter, vitamin B5 and intensive care complex. It has a deep penetrating action with superb moisturizing and softening effects. It gets easily absorbed – you don’t have to worry about excessive greasiness.
It costs Rs.329 for a 75 ml tube.

Oriflame foot cream review

Aroma Magic Foot Cream

aroma magic foot cream-foot cream india

Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream is a soothing and softening foot cream that repairs and heals rough, cracked heels. It lives upto its name, imparting a nice fragrance to your feet, keeping them feet odor free and refreshed.
It costs Rs.130 for 60 gm pack.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream review

Biotique Foot Cream

biotique costus foot cream - foot cream india

Biotique Costus Foot Cream contains the herbal goodness of Costus root extract dandelion, sunflower oil and cobra saffron. This conditions dry, rough skin and repairs cracks in your heels, leaving them feather soft. You can use it as an all day foot cream.
This cream costs Rs.180 for a 55gm jar

Biotique costus foot cream review

Vedic Line Foot Massage Cream

vedic line foot massage cream - foot cream india

This foot massage cream is enriched with bees wax and clove oil. It cures cracked heels and keeps your feet smooth and supple. It also offers additional protection against corns and calluses.
A 65 ml jar costs Rs. 150

Vedic Line foot massage cream review

How to cure cracked heels?

Get one of these creams for cracked heels for instant relief. Before application, make sure you clean your feet well with a gentle soap and warm water. While doing so, use a pumice stone for gentle scrubbing. Wipe your feet gently with a towel. Apply the cream or lotion on your cracked heels. If the cream is not too runny, you can put on a pair of socks before you retire for the night. Yes, foot creams work best if left overnight.

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