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Tresemme Hairfall defense

Hairstyles should flaunt your personality in a flamboyant manner. They must go hand in hand with the kind of dress you wear, with the accessories you choose and your overall look, making you fit for a ramp walk. Picking up the right hairdo for every model is one of the most important aspects of a hair stylist’s job when it comes to a ramp walk. Hairstyles must blend well with current trends, seasons and the outfits you choose to wear.

TRESemmé range of products are the perfect hair stylists for you. You don’t have to be a model to have salon style hair. TRESemmé imparts  a wonderfully manageable and healthy mane besides ensuring that your tresses easily fall into place and carry off any style you give them. I have a mix of wavy and curly hair which turns frizzy at times. TRESemmé softened my hair and actually allowed me to experiment with different hairstyles.

Just follow these steps to have a salon kind of hairstyle. Allow TRESemmé and me of course, to do the honors. After you shampoo and condition your hair with TRESemmé, look at these pictures to work up a ramp ready hair style this summer!

Long Hair Styles For Women

I picked up these hair styles for a nice summery look.

French Braid

Go french this summer with this cute, girlish french braid. Accessorize it with a silver, floral clip.  This hairstyle is great for Friday dressing at office and equally great for hanging out with friends. TRESemmé  hair fall defense conditioner imparted that much needed shine to my hair as seen in this picture. french braid - Tresemme ramp ready hairstyle

Braided Ponytail

A simple ponytail tied with a braid teams well with office wear for a corporate meeting. It can also be used to sport a casual look. This is a super quick hairstyle you can create in minutes. Just tie your hair in a simple ponytail using a rubber band. Take some hair from under the ponytail and fashion a thin braid out of this. Cover the braid over the rubber band and pin it underneath your ponytail with a small hair pin.

braided ponytail - TRESemme ramp ready hair

Butterfly Ponytail

Check out this butterfly ponytail style. Girlish and cute, it looks very trendy. I picked this one from the TRESemmé DIY videos for ramp ready hair.

butterfly ponytail - tresemme

Voluminous One Sided Braid

The voluminous one sided braid from TRESemmé DIY videos is my favorite. I need to perfect it some more, so couldn’t click a picture of myself. But here is a video that demonstrates the voluminous one sided braid.


Take a look at the  interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel featuring Diana Penty who takes you backstage at The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York where you can take a look at several simple yet gorgeous hair styles. Go through their DIY videos that walk you through salon style hairdos fit for a stunning ramp walk!

And yes, this write up won me a runner up prize at the TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair – IndiBlogger Contest!

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair - IndiBlogger Contest Runner-up

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