Organic Food In India: Where to buy?

The demand for organic food in India is slowly on the rise. In fact before independence, farming was indeed organic in India. Fertilizers, pesticides, artificial growth hormones given to poultry and livestock were typically unheard of, back then. However, farmers started using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, bypassing traditional methods to get more produce and double profits.  This has invariably led to soil and water pollution along with a total disturbance of our biorhythm (Absolutely true, whether you realize it or not!)

organic food in India

Organic Food in India

24 Letter Mantra , Organic Garden and Farm2Kitchen are a few organic food stores that sell online as well. In case, these organic stores are not available in your locality or they do not deliver in your area, you can buy their products from other grocery shopping stores like Big Basket or LocalBanya.

Where to buy organic food online in India?

You can buy organic food online at   24 Letter Mantra, Organic Garden or farm2kitchen. In fact, 24 Letter Mantra has more than 200 organic food products including breakfast cereals, juices, cookies, spices, pulses etc.  You can buy your monthly groceries from here. Organic garden offers farm fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to other groceries. But they operate only in Mumbai as of now. Both 24 Letter Mantra and Organic Garden have been certified ‘Organic’ by ECOCERT. I haven’t tried out farm2kitchen, though. Check out their websites for quality guidelines and organic certifications before you buy stuff.

 Still hesistant?

Trying out organic food in India will give you a better idea. It all depends on your experience.  For instance, I tried using organic garden wheat flour. I was disappointed with the way the rotis turned out. They were far from soft. However,whole organic wheat turned out to be so good. I got it ground from the local flour mill and the rotis seemed to melt in my mouth.

Check out powdered spices like turmeric, dried red chilly etc. from 24 letter mantra. Compare them with other brands like Everest. You can feel the difference immediately. Spices from the former have a fresh aroma and taste better.

Yeah organic food in India is expensive! So what?

Organic food is slightly more expensive that non organic brands. But then, don’t you end up buying so much junk on every trip to the supermarket. Packets of cheese balls, ready to eat meals, fried potato snacks and the like. Doesn’t it make sense to allocate a budget for some healthy organic food rather than mindlessly opting for food loaded with Trans fats, preservatives and what not? So either you pay the farmer or your doctor – the choice is yours.

Why organic food?

People are generally not convinced to buy organic food as they are unaware of its benefits. I love the fresh aroma of organic spices, especially spices from 24 Letter Mantra. Organically grown wheat gives you soft flour and even softer rotis. I have been opting for organic produce since a year.  Try to understand why organic food is good for you.

Benefits of organic food in India

Strict Quality Guidelines

Unlike  conventional farming, organic farming requires adherence to strict quality guidelines. ‘Organic’ certification indicates that the produce meets strict quality regulations for organic farming. It means the produce is completely free from toxic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, sewage waste or even genetically modified organisms(GMOs). In India, every organic food store must be certified ‘ORGANIC’ from an organic certification agency accredited under the National Programme for Organic Production (INDIA NPOP). Check out this list of organic certification agencies in India .

Environment friendly

Conventional farming methods use pesticides and fertilizers indiscriminately. These chemicals leach into the soil and pollute water resources. Eventually we are affected by way of direct consumption of such produce as well as via supply of drinking water among others.

Organic farming nurtures the soil and makes it fertile. The farming methods used are energy efficient. Good soil filters water passing thru it which means no chemicals affect potable water.

Tastes better

Organic food tastes better. Be it spices, pulses, sea food or meat, organic food tastes better than produce cultivated using conventional farming methods.

Organic Meat is healthy

Organic livestock are not administered artificial growth hormones. Organic livestock are kept in healthy living conditions, fed well and given more room to move about. Unnecessary antibiotics are not administered either.  These chemicals can cause digestive disorders and allergies on entering our blood stream.

Advantage for traditional farmers

Organic producers keep a direct relation with rural farmers in India. Farmers can bypass middlemen. Farmers get to earn better. By buying organic produce, you help these farmers indirectly. Organic food farmers market is held at many places in India.

In case you have no organic food stores nearby or if online stores do not deliver to your area, you can still try to eat healthy. Check out how to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables right at home.

Organic food lovers do share with our readers, your choice of online organic stores and organic food products, in the comments section.

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