Why I ain’t MULTITASKING anymore!

Less is more‘ doesn’t sound cliché if you know how evil multitasking can be…

It’s 5 a.m. .I jump up from bed as soon as the alarm goes off; all set to face a new day. I keep some black tea on the stove to brew and set off to brush my teeth, all the while checking WhatsApp and my inbox. By the time this is over, it is time to prepare breakfast, lunch, and pack my son off to school and so on… In the meanwhile, I start the washing machine, water the plants and turn off the stove for 15 minutes so that I can pack a little morning walk in between. Phew!

disadvantages of multitasking

Here is Why you shouldnot multitask

All this gets over by 9am. All work has been done but the feeling of mental exhaustion is enormous. And its time for a few more not so happy realizations. The black tea turned out to be way too strong. I couldn’t consume it more than a few sips. I had accidentally kept the salt in the refrigerator. So I had to waste a good 15 minutes to find it in the first place. This had an impact on the pace of tasks that followed. I couldn’t finish cooking lunch on time. The better half goes off in a huff complaining that he is late. Clothes had been put in the washing machine without sorting them. Turns out that the red from my son’s tee decided to play around with my husband’s white sports shorts. I realise the Jade and the Aloe did not need watering today. And I have drenched them to the core. Though I did accomplish so many tasks, the quality of work was not up to the mark.

Next, I have to print a few worksheets for my English grammar class. I put the paper in the printer, answer a few emails, pin a few interesting pins on balcony gardens and supervise my maid. The printing is on. A few sheets overlap and get stuck. Ouch! Again I waste my precious time. I remove the sheets that are stuck. I place fresh sheets of paper in the printer and start all over again.

By now I pick up my third bag of potato chips. All this multitasking has made me feel hungry. Mind you it’s not my stomach that asks for food. It’s my mind. Multitasking plays with your mind. It can turn you into a glutton. To hell with weight loss is what it tells you. It cooks your brain on a slow fire. By the time you realise the damage, it’s too late.

The next time around I make sure that printing is the only thing I do while it’s on.
By the time I sit down to write something, I’m so mentally exhausted that ideas simply refuse to ply into my mind. It’s more like an invisible fog clouding my brain. Nature has wired your brain in such a way that it can do a single task much better than performing many tasks simultaneously. In the long run, doing multiple tasks at the same time can lower your IQ and make you forgetful.

Benefits of NOT multitasking

So here I go again. LESS IS MORE. Do ONE THING AT A TIME if you want to:

1. Be More Productive
2. Get rid of Brain fog
3. Stay Mentally alert always
4. Make few mistakes
5. Maintain an ideal body weight
6. Stay away from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

And while you are reading this, be at it and nothing else…

Image courtesy Marcolm via freedigitalphotos.net

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