Have you wondered why, of late,you face a lot of stress and depression? Unable to be happy with what you have? Unable to stay focused? Unable to be a caring family member? Unable to stay calm? You will find your answers here.

Life today is very hectic. Long hours at office, taking care of a family, balancing work and kids, handling financial matters and more responsibilities bring about stress, depression, low self-esteem, poor health, irritability and poor interpersonal relations. This also affects other members of the family. The worst affected are kids.

The Life Studio focuses on making life stress – free, healthy and happy. We have outlined  effective ways to combat  stress and depression. You can practice relaxation techniques like meditation, visualization and progressive muscle relaxation techniques to help you be free from stress and depression and stay calm and focused. Hypnotherapy is an alternate form of healing which can relieve you from stress-related maladies. Our expert, Dr P K Narayanan, a practicing hypnotherapist has explained hypnotherapy in detail.

happy children

You can benefit from our parenting tips. Issues related to children, problems faced by children and how to deal with them, have been discussed here. Plus there are loads of easy-to-cook recipes of wholesome nutritious snacks that kids would love.

Many women have to give up promising careers to look after their kids and family. They can opt for several home based careers.

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