How to decorate Kids room? Top Tips on Kids Room Decor

Before you decide on how to decorate your kids room, get this straight! Designing a kids room needs careful consideration of several facts. Kids dabble in the art of imagination, especially kids in the age group of 5 years to 12 years. They are still exploring the world in their own sweet little way. For them, Disney cars, aliens, mermaids, sea creatures, cartoons and their favorite TV characters are hot topics of discussion. They love role playing and games. They have many activities like drawing, painting, jigsaw puzzles, paper plane making and other crafts, music etc. Kids room decor must accommodate a vibrant and colorful atmosphere complementing the tremendous energy kids have. Keeping this in mind, you can plan an awesome looking yet super functional kids room.
How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - tips
Photo Credits:Shanti Iyer – Interior Designer,Mumbai

Note how this kids room has been done up in bright yellow and blue. I liked the steps leading to the bed. Optimum use of space is a plus point here with drawers on the bed side and under the steps leading to the bed. The study area is comfortable and convenient, with a funky chair kids will love!

How to decorate kids room – Top Tips

For a kids room accommodating more than one child, bunk beds, wall beds or triple bunk beds would be ideal  as they save floor space. Use bedroom furniture that can be folded away or space saving furniture, like foldable trundle beds.
kids furniture
  Photo Credits: Jingdianjiaju

Play area / activity area in the kids bedroom must ideally be free from furniture. Lay a colorful rug on the portion of the floor meant to be the activity area for kids. Rugs prevent injury from fall and lend a soft touch to the floor and the overall kids room decor.

How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tipsPhoto Credits:Ian S Welch

Decorate walls with colorful murals related to a theme which your kid loves. Note that it is important to make the child a part of your discussion on the theme to be selected. Your kid(s) may come up with many suggestions like Underwater theme, Jungle theme, Soccer theme, Walt Disney World theme, Finding Nemo theme, Magic kingdom and many more. Take a look at the beautifully done wall murals below.

Kids bedroom decor – Cockpit Theme

How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tips

Photo Credits: Jefferey Wong

This wall is painted to resemble the cockpit of an aeroplane with a beautiful blue sky and two cute little planes flying in the sky. Bright colored curtains complement the cockpit look! Ideal for boys bedroom.

The Ultimate Wave Adventure

How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tipsPhoto Credits: Jeffery Wong
Look at the giant wave and the surfing turtle, the jolly surfboard and the distant lighthouse! This mural looks great for a kids room with a beach theme.

Kids room – Underwater Theme

How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tips Photo Credits: Jefferey Wong

Note how a colorful tree mural with flowers and pretty birds, has been made on the wall and the black writing board looks like an extended tree trunk!
How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tips Photo Credits: Mountain Ash

You can add wall accessories like animal shaped wall clocks and  photo frames.

How to decorate kids room - kids room decor - top tipsPhoto Credits:Sleeping Sun

You can have lots of knick knacks and lights dangle or  hang from the ceilings. Go for bright colors if your kid loves it.

Teenage Bedroom Design

For grown up kids, bedrooms can be a little more sober with neutral or muted shades of wall colors. They need a dedicated study area and space for pursuing hobbies like music, painting, reading and the like. Teens love dressing up as they are more image conscious. There has to be a dedicated wardrobe and appropriate bedroom furniture for this  purpose. They love inviting friends over. Unlike younger kids who love squatting on the floor rug, grown up kids need appropriate seats like may be small ottomans or bean bags. Keep a provision for additional bean bags or foldable stools(for smaller spaces).

How to decorate kids room - teenage kids bedroomPhoto Credits: Mazzali

teen kids bedroom Photo Credits:Mazzali

Kids bedroom decoration ideas – Must Dos

Book shelf  at the same height as your kids.

Storage chests for toys which double up as a small stool for sitting.

Chalkboard walls that are writeable, made of dry-erase decals or chalkboard paint. You can paint a small part of a whole wall with chalkboard paint. The kid can write, draw and do math on this chalkboard wall.

How to decorate kids room - wall decor ideas Photo Credits: Shanti Iyer – Interior Designer, Mumbai

Note how a chalkboard wall has been made to look like a road with little cars and vehicles plying on the road. Your kid will love to write on this!

Decorate walls with glow paints.
Here is a video by dali decals on decorating an entire wall beautifully!



Kids bedroom furniture – furnishings

Planning kids bedroom furniture is quite simple. See why trundle beds for kids are better than kids bunk beds.

The kids beds must be quite low. Use plump and soft mattresses as kids love to jump on them. These will also help your child sleep comfortably.

Use long lasting and washable rugs and curtains in the kids room. You can get stunning curtains with cute glow-in-the-dark designs on them. Fairies, aliens, angels … you can use curtains with these glow-in-the-dark designs.

Asian Paints take up kids bedroom decor work. You can visit
for lots of fun ways to plan creative and functional kids room decor.

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