SUCCULENT DECOR – For the lazy gardener!

Succulents are gorgeous, fleshy plants that survive with little or no maintenance and are practically impossible to kill. So if you are a lazy gardener, these plants are just for you. Take a look at these creative ideas for succulent decor  that are more than enough to get you started.

Succulent Decor – Cool Ideas

Succulent Terrariums

Whether you DIY or buy these online, terrariums create an illusion of a small, different, green world right in the middle of your living space.

Experiment with different shapes of glass terrariums. Hanging terrariums look enchanting in the passageways and balconies. Couple these with some pendant lights to create an air of fairy magic in your front porch, dining area or balcony.

via shopterrain

Mini Zen Garden

Go Spiritual. Develop a mini Zen garden replete with a serene Buddha figurine in a meditative pose. Place this Zen garden in your yoga room / study room or office. Add pebbles, sand and a few rocks to give it a natural look.

DIY Succulent Coffee Table

Coffee tables with luscious succulents in the centre exuberate warmth and joy. A bit of outdoors on your coffee table is an instant energy booster. succulent decor

Succulent Wall Planters or Shelves

Forget expensive wall accents and wall coverings. Bring a plain, boring, drab wall to life with these plant pods or wall planters. It is not only easy on your pocket but also serves the purpose of making that particular wall a focal point of a particular room. It also leaves your floor space or counter space free for other uses.

succulent decor - succulent wall planter
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Succulent Bookend Planters

I love these double role bookends. What a suave idea for a succulent planter!

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A head full of succulents

Ideal for outdoor gardens, a succulent head is a lovely riot of colourful succulents growing wildly in a head shaped planter. This one is definitely pleasing to the eye.

head shaped planters for succulents



 via Mill Gracias

This cute face planter looks great with a wide grin. It sure looks pleased with its succulent head!

Lantern Planters

Succulents look ravishing in a Plantern. Team a few succulents, preferably of the flowering variety with a tiny solar light. Place these in an old fashioned lantern. This glows at night, highlighting the colours of your succulents. It sure is a swell idea to make your balcony garden look fabulous.

diy succulent lantern

via happyhourprojects

Succulent Initials

Grow succulents in carved out spaces of your initials or names. Put these up on your front gate or main doors. Looks trendy. Looks Natural.


Quirky faces

Check out these quirky yet cute animal shaped planters. Don’t they look absolutely adorable? You can get creative. Paint funny expressions/ faces with acrylic colours on ceramic planters. Plant succulents in them and you’re done.

animal_succulent planter

By roogo

cermaic face succulent planters


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