what is an image consultant

Image Consulting – A great career opportunity for women

Image Consulting– This is a booming career industry that many women are opting for. Now what exactly is image consulting? Who all can take up this profession? Does it need any investment on your part? To know all this, read on.

what is an image consultant

What is Image Consulting?

A first impression is usually the last impression in 80% of all cases. And impressions do make a huge difference in your professional, personal and social lives. In the first meeting, if you can create a winning image and project yourself as a successful individual, you can bag many opportunities in your life and witness a tremendous career growth. Image consulting is the profession of guiding individuals and corporate groups to improve their projected image in the current scenario for achieving desired goals.

What does an Image Consultant do?

First things first – An Image consultant evaluates the current public perception of his client. He will then use public relations techniques to market his client’s image efficiently. In case any event has taken place that tars the image of a popular celebrity (maybe a broken marriage or substance abuse) or a corporate organization (some kind of scandal or scam involving the company), an image consultant will implement ways like press releases or press conferences to minimize the extent of damage to their public image by finding ways to arouse public sympathy. Popular celebrities, politicians, companies and several public figures often hire the services of an image consultant.

Image consultants offer guidance in grooming, enhancing body language and proper etiquette. Other important services offered are personalized shopping services, styling services for fashion stores and the entertainment industry, uniform design, image audits and more.

Who can be a successful Image Consultant?

Image Consulting in India is mostly dominated by women, though you will find a few male consultants as well. 75 percent of the candidates opting for image consulting are women looking out for a career change. Some are homemakers while others may have left their jobs for family reasons. An important aspect of this career option is that your age or past experience does not matter.

How much can an Image Consultant earn?

An image consultant can charge anything from Rs.6000 to Rs.30,000 for individual consultations and from 25,000 onwards, per day for group training depending on the number of participants and their profile.

How to become an Image Consultant?

You need expert training to be an image consultant. You need knowledge of individual and group training processes and have access to related materials. Some institutes offer support to consultants in terms of training, identity creation, marketing and business support. For this, it is best to enroll for an image consulting course at a professionally managed, well known institute. Check out www.imageconsultinginstitute.com for more details.

So if you are looking for a career change and have a flair for helping others improve their image, why not opt for a successful career in image consulting?

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