Best out of waste – Pencil holder

Best of waste - popsicle stick craft - pencil holder

Pencil holder by Ananya Menon. Idea credits-Sushmita Menon

 A recycled  pencil holder made of waste popsicle sticks and used plastic container – is a great craft idea for kids and equally good for best out of waste craft competition at schools.

You will need:

An old plastic bowl or used cardboard box – small
Popsicle sticks / Ice cream sticks
Poster colors
Glitter and other embellishments

How to make

Color each Popsicle stick with poster colors. Glue them one by one onto the plastic container or the cardboard box to cover the box entirely.  Allow this to dry. Paste shells, beads or other embellishments on the outer side of the popsicle sticks. your popsicle stick craft  pencil holder is ready in minutes. This is an ideal best of waste popsicle stick craft for kids in kindergarten and elementary school.

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