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school competition - slogan writing - global warming Ishaan S, Grade II, New Horizon Scholars School.

To write a slogan on environment is no big deal. Slogan writing competitions are held at schools every year for kids of all grades. For older children, creative thinking and art work is not a big issue. But small kids in the primary and pre-primary classes need a lot of guidance and tips on writing slogans. So that is when moms come to the rescue. Just follow these simple tips on how to write a good slogan – for kids.

Slogan on Save Environment

1. Select a good topic: The topic must be a current event like Global Warming, Female foeticide in India, Anti-smoking campaigns, Go Green, Cleanliness Drives etc. Most often, the topic or the theme will be decided by the grade teacher or the school authorities. If not, you need to check out pressing issues or current events in newspapers, T.V. or on the internet.

2. Explain the theme to to kids: Kids must know what they are doing. Explain the concept to kids. Like I told my little one – The Sun heats the earth. Some heat is radiated back through the atmosphere, into space. But all the smoke, pollution and gases that are emitted  rise up and form a thick layer inside the Earth’s atmosphere. So most of the heat  gets trapped inside the atmosphere and is not radiated back into space. And the planet warms up causing global warming. Of course, you need to draw this or show them on the internet and make your kids understand in any manner that you consider appropriate. There is no point in making them write slogans if they do not understand the concept behind it.

3. Think of appropriate graphics and objects: Make a list of objects that relate to the theme. For instance, with global warming, you can relate – globe i.e. earth, trees, heat, burning waste, meltdown of Artic ice, ozone layer, sun etc. With each of these objects in mind, make random sketches of each depicting the situation. Finalize the most appropriate ones. In the above sketch, the earth looks like its a melting cone of ice cream.

3. Come up with appropriate catchy words: Words in a slogan must be catchy. They must not exceed 4 or 5 in number. The fewer the better. This is the most tricky part as a slogan must be an eye-opener to the depicted scenario. It must be attention grabbing and must also suggest a solution. Again, come up with single words that are also action oriented. For instance, Recycle – This is a single word that can also be used as  a sentence. It also gives a solution for putting an end to global warming.

For a slogan on save water

these are the lines I wrote for my little one –


This came complete with pictures surrounding the slogan, depicting various sources of water.

4. Color Scheme: Colors speak a thousand words when used effectively. For instance, slogans for the blind can use black and white, those related to Save Trees campaign can use different shades of green. In the above sketch, orange and red depict heat on account of global warming.

5. Cut and Paste
Cut and paste letters/alphabets from newspapers instead of writing them down. Be creative. Cut and paste pictures from magazines and newspapers as in a collage.

Above all, encourage your kid to put in suggestions. Don’t expect them to be perfectionists in one shot. A few crooked lines here and there and a few smudges of color up and down are absolutely fine. So get going!

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  1. Hey Shreeja, this is nice! My daughter has a slogan writing competition at school this week.

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