Activities for kids – physical activity and educational games

activities for kids

To find creative and fun activities for kids  is not an easy job especially when it  rains i-Pads, i-Pods and what nots. Kids are hooked onto online games, TV and mobile games. The point is how to make these naughty little chaps appreciate  the goodness of outdoor activities, educational games, cycling and reading books (of course not on a kindle!) among others.

activities for kids

Being a mom, I know how difficult it is to cash in on the 4-5 hours break kids get after they come back from school. We end up scheduling  snacks, home work and  play within this time frame, leaving kids exhausted. So here is my list of fun activities for kids which can be taken up one day at a time. This ensures overall child development and gives you some pure family fun.

Outdoor activities for kids

This is the best activity to get kids to love nature. Lack of space in urban areas need not be a hurdle to begin gardening at home. You can place flowering pots and planters in window sills, or in your balcony. Take old plastic sippers, transparent plastic containers, or a medium sized wooden box. Add potting mix and plant seeds or saplings. Teach them the importance of herbs and spices like growing ginger, turmeric, basil etc. Allow them to plant sprouts. Teach them to make self watering planters. You can come up with a colorful landscape with plants having different colored leaves. Use shells, pebbles or stones to give an attractive fencing to your kids miniature garden. Get a glimpse of several miniature gardens for kids here.

Physical activity – Field day games and fitness activities
Enroll your kids in professional training centers for skating, martial arts, swimming, football, cricket or badminton. These activities are conducted weekly. Some schools conduct these activities as part of their daily schedule. You can search your local yellow pages for these training centers. Enrolling your kid in any one of these will ensure overall development of your child. It also makes your kid confident, plan strategies well and able enough to combat stress in later life.

For Badminton and Cricket coaching in Navi Mumbai contact  NMSA – Vashi,  and DY Patil Sports Academy, Nerul. For basketball, swimming and football coaching contact Fr Agnel Sports Complex-Vashi. Swimming camps are also conducted at NMMG, Vashi.

Music & Dance
Learning music and dance has many benefits. It teaches children a thing or two about your tradition and culture. It improves motor skills and makes kids confident to perform before many people. Music and dance also inculcate discipline in kids, as it requires a lot of patience and training.

Indoor fun  for kids
Every day may not be great to pursue an outdoor activity, especially during monsoon. So let your kid take up DIY craft projects, pursue a hobby or become an entrepreneur.

Art, Crafts,Hobbies and educational games
Let kids create a bottle piggy bank to their pocket money. This will teach kids the value of money. Teach them to make a bubble blower, popup cards, bottle cap or button jewellery, leaf printing art etc. has a wide range of art & craft project for kids. Get kids to make their own board games with a new set of rules and funny looking dice. They can play educational games like word games, monopoly, General Knowledge games and the like. Encourage kids to be little entrepreneurs and earn some money. Help them to start their own Rent-a-Book  library  or organize a kids garage sale.

You heard right! Engage kids in baking cakes, breads and muffins. Let them beat the eggs and mix stuff. Make them create smiley faces for the icing using candies, chocolate chips or fruit jam. You will love the smile on their faces when they see that their freshly baked cakes and muffins  are ready to eat.

Activities for kids must be a proper mix of physical activity, educational games and family fun. These are sure to sky rocket your kids’ overall performance in academics as well as in sports.


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