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Where can we buy gateway paper, tinted paper, leatherette paper, TK sheets and tinted papers used by students of Art, Architecture and Interior Design in Mumbai at lesser prices than local stationary shops?

Gateway paper is used for tracing layouts, floor plans and basic construction drawings. It is also used for DIY projects like Lamps. Tinted paper and TK papers are often used by students of Interior Design for preparation of concept sheets, mood board and perspective drawings. Unlike TK papers and tinted papers, Gateway paper and handmade paper is often not available at local stationery shops in Navi Mumbai and Central Mumbai suburbs. Or else they are very expensive. To buy handmade paper and gateway paper or coloured gateway paper, some shops in Bandra offer reasonably low prices, you can even buy in bulk from here.

Virat Paper Bazaar
Shop No 2 Coin House,
Opp Janta Book Centre,
Station Rd,
Bandra West,
Mumbai , India

They deal in handmade paper, craft paper, leatherette paper ,blossomed paper, textured paper, gateway paper and many more kinds. You can even negotiate prices for bulk orders.

Students can buy paper in groups to reduce individual total cost.

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  1. Is the gateway paper similar to the tracing sheet ? I make DIY Lampshades for a hobby and have always been trying to find the right material to use for Lampshades.

    Failing in my quest I have been using good quality tracing sheet. However, wanted to know if the Gateway sheet is an alternative or something similar to a Gateway paper ? And by any chance, would you know places in Chennai where I can find it ?


  2. Thanks Shreeja. Will check it out. Have to visit few hand made paper stores to see if I can find it. All this while I was not sure what it is called. I have been following your work for sometime now and you are doing a fabulous job here. Keep it up.


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