Learn to read with Phonics – for little kids

Learn to read-phonics-for kids

Books are an ocean of knowledge. This is true about all kinds and forms of books, including e-books, kindles and all. Little kids can learn a lot from good books. As a child, you may have enjoyed the stories that your parents read out at bed time and otherwise. Slowly, you too learned to read. Now, you want your kids to read as efficiently as you, if not better. But how to improve your child’s oral reading skills in a smooth and effective manner? Here is how you do it!

Learn to read-phonics-for kids

Get the basics right! The phonics i.e. alphabet sounds must be clear. The concept of vowels and consonants must be clear.
Here is a very useful online resource for how to learn to read with ABC Phonics – the very basics of reading that will promote phonological awareness in your child.
Teach phonics

You will find additional useful resources to teach a child to read, here
Teach your child to read

The next step is to encourage the child to read. Small children need visually appealing books to at least take a look. Make sure you buy kids books with lots of informative pictures in them. Keep these books within reach of your children(unless they are too small and have a tendency to tear off pages).

Start off with small story books of animals, birds, fish etc. Read the story out loud till you reach an interesting point. Then stop reading and ask your child to read. Better still, you could take turns reading and keep a prize for the one who reads without any mistakes!

Buy good kids books that do not scare the child or teach immoral values or support physical violence in any manner. Initially buy books written in an easy to understand style. Complicated words will discourage the child from reading. A child’s memory skills and  oral reading skills are directly proportional to the number of books found in his home.

When reading out stories, try enacting them by making simple sounds or funny faces. You could add your own description of people and situations. Ask him to do the same. This makes the child more creative and triggers his imagination to a great extent.

Encourage visits to the library! Visit book fairs especially those which are held at school. Involve your child in the book selection process.  Guided reading can be practiced to teach the child, how to read, fluently.

Read daily. Make it a practice to read a book after snacks or after coming home from school. Repetition makes a child learn faster. So read the same story with interesting voices, expressions etc. and make the entire reading experience more lively and interesting.

Many books have an e-version in the form of CDs where stories are enacted as cartoons, movies etc. Take some time to browse thru a CD store for kids’ stories. They’ll surely love the animated version of the stories that you read out!

Check out YouTube videos for children’s stories.

Do not criticize the child if he makes mistakes while reading. Do not expect him to learn reading all at once. It will take some time.  Practice patience and you will see your child’s oral reading skills improve.


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