How to start potty training – For Toddlers

potty training toddlers

Potty training is an important part of development of your child.

How to start potty training?

The right time to potty train your toddler depends on the following:

  • Your child is between 18 months – 3 years.
  • The child knows specific signals/words to indicate the need to do potty.
  • The child has learned to walk and sit.
  • The child knows how to control bladder movement( this will be indicated by a gap of some hours between urination spells).

Potty seats – types

There are basically two types of potty seats for toddlers and preschool going children.You can potty-train your toddler using these basic types of potty seats.

how to start potty training
Potty chair

Chair type Potty

This comes with a gap in the seat for the stool to pass thru which gets collected in a container attached under the seat.


: It is just the right size for your toddler to sit on. You can place it in a comfortable environment if the child is uncomfortable using the bathroom.


: It can be a tedious task to clean the container every time you child soils it.

how to start potty training
Toilet seat for kids

Kiddy Toilet seat

This can be placed on your regular toilet seat.


Easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wash it with a cleaning solution. You can teach your toddler to flush.


Some regular toilet seats are too high for toddlers. You may need to place the child on the attached small toilet seat or keep a stepper for him to climb on.

Its a good idea to start with the chair type potty seat for toddlers who have just started to walk and sit and then slowly upgrade to small toilet seats when they can easily walk and sit. Small toilet seats must be used for preschool going children.

Potty training – Top Tips

  • Set a daily routine. Potty training must be done at a time when your child is most likely to pass stools. Even if he does not pass stools, let him sit on  the potty seat at a predefined time.
  • Make them enjoy the transition from diapers/ nappies to underwear. Take them along for shopping underwear. Let them choose ones with cartoons/pictures that they like.
  • Stop using pull ups or diapers as they prolong the entire procedure of potty training.
  • Keep your toddler busy  giving a small toy in hand. Teach him proper words to indicate passing of stool and urine, like poo and pee. Grabbing his attention will stop the child from getting up and going somewhere else.
  • Initially, your child may show lack of interest or tend to run away. Do not show irritation and shout at the child. The entire potty training exercise will be a form of punishment for him and he will hate it. The idea is to keep the child interested.
  • Get colorful potty chairs and small toilet seats in cute animal shapes or depicting cartoon characters.

Follow these steps patiently. Some toddlers learn in a few weeks while others may take a few months.


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