When will I have a wife? – Amusing questions children ask!

questions children ask

A few funny questions children ask, are enough to drive parents crazy. In fact, every parent dreads certain funny questions asked by children and tries to avoid them. Every child is unique with so many gifted talents topped with a lot of innocence. It is this innocence coupled with a super zealous, developing brain that fuels them to ask questions that are natural but not socially acceptable, sometimes.

Questions children ask

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Amusing Questions Children Ask!

Like the time when my son asked me  when will I have a wife?

The situation was something like this – I was reading an article in the newspaper – one that featured an all student rock band. Each of the band members sported a different hair do. One was bald, the other had shoulder length hair, and one was kind of normal – with spiky hair. My son glanced at their pictures and I told him not to sport shoulder length hair when he grows up. At which he asks me “Why mamma? Will my wife get angry?” I looked at him and said,” You can’t have a wife when you’re a student in college!”

That was just the beginning! He went on to ask “Why can’t I have a wife in college?”, “Why can’t I have a wife now?”, “When exactly can I have a wife?” and “Can we go and buy a wife from a wife store?”

To hear this from a 7 yr old little fellow, I was taken aback. So I used my instincts to get to the core of the issue and find out “Why exactly did he want a wife?”  And he tells me “Mamma, it’s been a looooong time since you made vegetable biryani and baby corn-cheese pizza. If I had a wife, she would do it. You could take rest.”

I told him if he were to have a wife, it would be his responsibility entirely. If she wanted a new dress or some snacks he may have to pay for it. And he could afford to pay for it only after finishing college, some more college and then joining a big office. Besides, if he had a strong feeling to have something to eat, he might as well get up and cook it or order it from out, instead of waiting for his wife to come and cook it for him. All this typically meant that he had  to wait till he was financially independent.

Well, that seemed to din some sense into his head. My little one stopped pestering me and continued watching T.V.

It is amazing how their little brains come up with the most intriguing questions which make us scrunch up our eyebrows in frustration.

I remember, when he was in pres-school, he had asked me “Why did dad marry you?” to which I had replied,” ‘Coz, I’m his best friend, I love him and care for him.” He thought for some time before telling me, “Mamma, then will you marry me too?

Questions children ask stem from their innocence. Though it makes our eyes go round sometimes, we shouldn’t forget this fact!

Another obvious one, which I guess many of you may have faced is “Where did I come from? How are babies made?

Well, here I had to cook up something like “I wanted a naughty baby boy. So I told God Uncle to make one for me. He made you and put you in my tummy with a few magic spells. Then Doctor Uncle cut my tummy and took you out!”

Another instance was him asking me this “Mamma, why is Tom running after the girl cat? Why are red hearts coming out of his head?

A close friend of mine was explaining “what is a blood relation?” to her 9 year old son. She gave an example – “People from the same family,related by birth are blood relations. You and your brother are born from me, so you are related by blood. ” Her son however was in no mood to stay put after getting this answer. His next question was – “Then how can dad and I be blood related?” – to which she had no answer!

Parenting could not get any tougher than when it comes to answering tricky questions children ask! What do you think? Have you come across a few tricky questions yourself? What were they? Do share them here for other parents to read!



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