acqua steel water bottle for kids - india

Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Just Right For Kids!

A stainless steel water bottle is simply great for carrying water to school and college, don’t you think? Switching over from plastic water bottles to BPA free stainless steel water bottles is a safe way to ensure good health for your children. And no, I am not just another environmentalist talking green, I am a concerned mom of a 7 year old boy and all this makes pretty much sense.  Let’s see why? Let us also check out where to buy these water bottles for kids, online in India.

Stainless steel water bottle - kids


Stainless Steel Water Bottle For kids  – Why you should buy them

Plastic Kids Water Bottles – The darker side

Plastic bottles leach chemicals like Phthalates and BPA. You need to change them frequently, which unfortunately is not the norm. These harmful chemicals pose great risk to your kids’ health and you certainly wouldn’t want that.

Water stored for a long time in plastic water bottles starts smelling  weird. I noticed it many times before switching over to steel water bottles for kids.

Plastic water bottles are not environment friendly.”There she goes again”…you may think. But then plastic bottles use up precious energy to get recycled. Those which can’t be recycled are dumped in landfills, where they stay for thousands of years, leaching chemicals into the soil. Again, burning plastic is a big No! You wouldn’t like to be contributing to something as vicious as all this, right?

Stainless Steel Water Bottles – The brighter side

For one, steel water bottles are free of chemicals. They are eco friendly consumer products that last really long. Easily recyclable, these are 100 percent  safe for your child’s health. Water stored for a long time, say for eight hours of school does not get a bad odor in steel water bottles.

Note this when buying stainless steel water bottles for kids.

Kids Water Bottles – Brands and online shopping sites

You can buy branded good quality stainless steel water bottles in India, online at, like the 750 ml blue steel water bottle for kids from  Simply Solid. This has a wide mouth.  Another quality brand, easy on the pocket is Acqua – steel water bottles for kids.

Make sure your kid’s water bottle has a wide mouth, wide enough to allow a scrubbing brush to get inside. Steel water bottles with a narrow mouth are no good. You can only clean them with a dish wash solution without scrubbing the insides. Also, check specifications to find if the water bottle can hold hot water or warm liquids. A few stainless steel water bottles are not suited for the purpose. If that does not matter,  go right ahead and buy stainless steel water bottles for your kids.

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