I need some ‘ME’ time!

Its 6a.m. The alarm goes off! You make a mad rush to the kitchen. You end up preparing lunches for your kids to take to school. You wake them, get them ready and pack them off to school. Next you prepare breakfast and then its time for you  to prepare your husband’s lunch box. Then you attend to the maid, buy groceries, arrange your home, take care of your pets,water the plants and what not. The day goes by with kids returning from school. You take care of their homework, food and soon evening goes by before you know it and then its time for dinner. Phew! Sounds all too familiar?

i need some me time

Well, More than 75 percent of women homemakers in India can relate to this. They somehow tend to rate everything and everyone more important than themselves. They try to finish so many tasks single handedly, sometimes more than what they can possibly manage.  The result?  All this leaves you totally stressed out. Days and years go by without your knowing it. All you do is a series of monotonous things which take up most of your time leaving you with lots of lifestyle related problems.

Me and my ‘Me’ time

Isn’t it possible to keep aside some 30 minutes of ME time daily? You better say ‘Yes’ to this one if you want to remain sane for the rest of your life.

Me time has an apple effect – Sounds cliched  but ‘Me’ time a day does keep the doctor away. And no, don’t waste these precious 30 minutes on your favorite T.V. shows. Keep it reserved for something as simple as looking out of the window while sipping some tea or lime juice or maybe to savor some sour ‘kairi’ with salt and chilly flakes. You could probably solve a crossword puzzle or read your favorite book.  Look at old photographs, the setting sun or walk barefoot in the grass. Do it now or regret it years later when you are old. You may look back and realize that a major part of  your life went by taking care of family and doing absolutely mundane housework.

To begin with, I prepared my list of things to do  in my ‘ME’ time, each day

  1. Get lost in the crossword and puzzles section of Mumbai Mirror supplement of The Times Of India.
  2. Gardening is a good bet – it calms me down immensely.
  3. Curl up in my bean bag with a nice book.
  4. Listen to some music.
  5. Bake.
  6. Check out my favorite magazines.
  7. Find something to write for my blog.
  8. Get a good head massage.

That’s it for now. The trick is to keep this time reserved strictly for something you love doing! I may end up changing my list next week. This list was able to din some sense of peace into me and my stress levels went down considerably. I’m sure it’ll work for you too.

What goes in your ‘ME’ time list? Am all ears! Would be great if you could let me know in the comments section 🙂

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