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How about an online car information portal that doubles up as a social networking site for car fanatics – those who love cars to the core and those who listen to their hearts and take off on adrenaline gushing road trips down mountains, valleys and countrysides?

carconnect review is just the place for you if you can relate to absolute car addiction and have a thing about long road trips.

Check out all the amazing features this site has to offer. – Some Cool Features

1. Connect with others who share a similar passion for cars. You can read their car reviews and road trip experiences. You can also invite your Facebook friends to share their car experience.

2. Do some information sharing yourself. Submit your road trip experience or car experiences.


3. is a virtual information bank where so many pool in their experience based knowledge. Before embarking on a road trip simply select the starting point of your trip from several places listed as shown. You get to know of destinations that others have visited besides laying hands on vital information that you couldn’t possibly get via a regular Google Search.

long drive experience car connect

If you select Bengaluru, for instance, You get to read reviews of people who started their road trips from Bengaluru to some other destination. You can get to know of exotic places where not everyone goes to. Interesting, isn’t it?


4. News on the global automobile industry plus car launches keep you updated.


5. You can compare cars of different makes – these details are directly emailed to your inbox. This makes it easy to buy a car that falls in your budget.


6. This is a quick-to-load and easy-to-access kind of portal that even the not-so-net – savvy can surf with ease.

7. Easy Signup – All you need is a Facebook account to get started. It’s that simple. No need to waste time creating an account on

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto right away and enjoy your ride!

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