Chandrika Soap – Natural Skin Cleanser

chandrika soap price

chandrika soap price

Chandrika soap ingredients

This ayurvedic soap is a unique blend of vegetable oils and natural ingredients like  – Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, Lime peel oil, Orange oil, Hydnocarpus oil Patchouli oil and wild Ginger. Chandrika soap is in market since 1940, when it was originally founded. It is exported to several countries. The best part is Chandrika is an eco-friendly product made ethically- it has no animal fats and is not tested on animals.

Ideal for all skin types and all seasons, this soap is great for people with skin allergies and sensitive skin. To top it, the fragrance is so beautiful and uplifting, it guarantees a refreshing bath day after day.

Chandrika soap comes in different varieties – Chandrika Glycerin soap- with pure glycerin and natural jojoba oil, Chandrika Sandal and Chandrika Siddha soap – made of  Neem and Tulsi(Holy basil).

Chandrika soap price
The natural goodness of   Chandrika Ayurvedic soap is available for  as low as  Rs.16 for a 70g bar.

What I liked about Chandrika soap
It soothes dry skin problems and skin allergies. The fragrance is really nice.

What I did not like about this soap
It does not wash off completely in hard water. But then so do several other soaps. Hard water is a real nuisance! Secondly, it becomes a soggy mess far too soon. It has to be kept away from the shower, in a well drained soap box.

Will I recommend this?
Sure, why not!

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