Sunsilk Perfect Straight – Pure Indulgence For Your Mane!

Ever used Sunsilk Perfect Straight  Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner? No? Read on to know why you should!

This is how a typical ‘Bad Hair Day’ begins! The alarm rings, you sit upright and think of that important business meeting scheduled later in the day. You freshen up and look in the mirror. You see a frizzy, rough mane staring back at you! OMG! – There is nothing much you can do to put your locks in order in such a short time span, before you set out for work.

And then you realize you just bought Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and nourishing conditioner, the other day. You go right ahead, use it and voila – The results are stunning! Your otherwise unmanageable mane is now soft, shining, well conditioned and straight! Well, I know this sounds too good to be true and your skeptical “Inner Self” will make an outright attempt to banish such thoughts asap!

But here is what I found! I have this mix of frizzy hair on the back of my head and soft wavy hair on the sides, thanks to my genes 🙁   . It needs proper oiling and conditioning without which I’ll probably look like Edward Scissorhands. I continue to envy ladies with long straight silky hair, who have absolutely no qualms in flaunting their open mane. Considering the harmful effects of hair straightening, I wanted a product that gives the same results sans the negative effects of hair straightening. That is when I used Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner and arrived at these conclusions!


Sunsilk Perfect Straight – An Honest Review

sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner - review

sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner



An 80 ml bottle of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo costs just Rs.56 and a 90ml tube of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner costs just Rs.56. So you get a salon style hair treatment for just Rs.112, right at home!


The shampoo and conditioner when used together, give you softer and shinier hair.

Your hair gets more manageable after use.

I was able to style my hair with ease. Sometimes, in spite of using a conditioner (some other brand) I’m unable to style my hair with my hair styler kit.

The conditioner works in seconds! You need not even keep it on for a full minute. It worked wonders on my hair ends. They had become dry and frizzy. The conditioner made the dry hair ends super soft. So it does penetrate deep into the hair fiber after all.

The effect of this product lasts till your next hair wash.

The shampoo and the conditioner have a nice, mild yet invigorating fragrance.


It cannot make wavy hair straight. The product uses a “Straight – Lock” Technology that keeps hair aligned as it dries. Well, it does keep the hair aligned as it dries, but not totally straight. Of course, my hair lost its frizz, became super soft and easily styleable – but it still did not become needle straight – blame this part on my genes! I feel only gels can make your hair look needle straight for some time.

I feel, since the pros outweigh the cons, you should go right ahead and use Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner to get that shiny, luscious looking mane!


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