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Stain removers are an absolute must among your household cleaning supplies. Many times you get confused when it comes to regards to picking out the best stain remover amongst other similar products. Chances are that the ones you buy may not even clean stains properly. To know which stain remover is best suited to your needs, read on.

Types of stain removers

There are basic ingredients that a good stain removing agent must have. Depending on the basic ingredients, they can be used on different stains.

Enzyme stain removers are the best in league for removing organic stains such as vegetable stains, blood, oil, turmeric etc. These stain removers usually have amylase, protease or lipase as ingredients. They are mild on hands.

Laundry pre-treating agents like aerosol sprays and stain removing sticks work best on grease stains and carpet stains. You can use them to pre-treat  stains for easy removal later on.

Oxygen based cleaning agents like Oxy Clean work best on tough fabric stains including those from ketchup, sherry wine, mustard and oil.

Quick fixes at home

Hydrogen Peroxide works well on fresh blood stains. Just rub a little solution containing 3 percent Hydrogen peroxide on the stain, rub it, rinse. Repeat the process till the stain is  removed.

Rubbing alcohol works well on ink stains. Rub some using some cotton or sponge on the ink stain, till the ink stops spreading on the fabric. Repeat till the stain appears very faded. Then rinse with hot water.

Nail polish remover is also an efficient ink stain remover. Just rub some nail polish remover on the stained area of the fabric, followed by rubbing some liquid detergent. Then wash the area well with water.

Top  stain removers available in the market

Check out the best stain removing products available in the market today.

1. Didi 7 universal stain remover

This one works best on all kinds of stains including vegetable stains, ink stains, sweat stains on collars and cuffs,  on fabric, upholstery, sanitary fittings and other surfaces.

2.Super Iron Out IO65N Rust Stain Remover

This stain remover specializes in rust removal from laundry, bumpers, tools, porcelain surfaces, glassware, toilet and flush boxes in addition to cleaning water softeners of iron and rust deposits, lengthening the life of the softener.

3. Amway L.O.C High Suds

Amway L.O.C High Suds review

Amway L.O.C is a multifunctional cleaning agent for all kinds of washable surfaces from kitchen utensils, floors, walls, sanitary fittings and polished wooden furniture. This one is a superb stain remover. When used undiluted, it fights tough stains – even blood stains and iron rust stains. You can use this to remove mold and mildew stains and crayon marks  on walls.  To top it all, this is a 100% organic cleaner, made from coconut oil derivatives and extremely gentle on your hands.

Price – $6.70 for a 1 liter pack.
Rs 385 for a 1 Liter pack and Rs. 257 for a 500 ml pack in India.

You can buy Amway L.O.C High Suds from Amway business owners. You can also also buy this online from the Amway website at

4. Shaw Carpet & Rug Stain & Soil Remover GREEN Formula

This one fights household spills and stains and can be used on all  types of  fabrics and upholstery including wool. It removes tough stains from carpets and rugs without getting rid of the fabric color.

5. Clorox Bleach pens

Clorox bleach pens let you get stains off from small spots say on a white area in between designs or stripes on your shirt. You can even clean stains on tiles, porcelain and grout. It has a narrow precision tip for targeting narrow and small areas plus a broad scrubber tip for handling larger surfaces.


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