Krya Detergent Review – Organic Detergent Powder In India

Krya detergent review

I have been on the constant lookout for reducing the total toxic waste that we generate in our homes on a daily basis. Detergents, cleaning products, soaps and so many chemicals generate plenty of non recyclable waste water. Cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad often reel under the pressure of water crisis during the hot summer months. Wouldn’t it be nice if we used eco-friendly organic detergent powder and other cleaning products that would double up as compost for plants too?

That’s when I found Krya! A casual search at for  “organic detergent powder India” displayed Krya right at the top.

Krya All Natural Organic Detergent Powder – India

Krya Detergent Review


Indian Soapberry or Reetha is the main constituent of this organic detergent powder. These soapberries are certified organic. Usually most of the chemical detergents available in the market use petroleum as a base. This 100 percent natural detergent powder is made from the fruit of soapnut trees. It works great in both front-load and top load washing machines.

How to use Krya detergent?

The detergent powder comes with a small cotton pouch. For a full load of clothes, add 1 – 2 tablespoons of the detergent powder into the pouch and securely tie its mouth with a double knot. Put it in the washing machine along with the clothes to be washed.

To wash off tough stains, make a thick paste of this organic detergent powder and scrub the area lightly with a brush.

I usually soak dirty clothes in a bucket of warm water along with some detergent tied within the cotton pouch. After 30 minutes or so, I put them into the washing machine. The clothes come out sparkling clean and smell so fresh. The grey water that remains behind in the bucket, I use for watering plants.

Why Krya?

The Krya Classic detergent powder is a non toxic, green cleaning product that is a safe alternative to other polluting synthetic detergents. It is suitable for all kinds of delicate fabrics and normal fabrics like wool, linen, silks, and naturally dyed fabrics.

Krya helps your clothes stay brighter, retains their colour and prolongs their life. This is the best choice for those who are allergic to synthetic detergents. Baby clothes and cloth diapers can be washed clean too.

The Krya Classic detergent is free from Enzymes, LABSA, Bleaches, Phosphates, Fragrance and other Additives since it is made from carefully harvested, sun dried organic, whole soapberries. No other extracts, additives or chemicals like lye and baking soda are used in the detergent.

My experience with Krya

I used Henko before Krya. It was the best but weighed heavy on my conscience as it was definitely not green. I have replaced it with Krya classic detergent powder. It works great. I spread the soapberry residue left in the cotton pouch over the base soil inside my plant pots. The water left over from soaking the clothes is used for watering the plants in my balcony. It is a small but important step towards contributing towards a greener environment.

Let me know what you think!

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