Best Soap In India: Anuspa – Pure And Natural Soaps

atural soaps - Anuspa - Herbal Soap

Anuspa range of premium natural soaps is the best soap in India when it comes to skin care. You must be wondering – herbal soap for skin care? I was skeptical initially as my skin is dry and I need a moisturizer 24 hrs a day. The soap pack came with its usual details of ingredients, price et all, which I’m going to share with you later. But what caught my attention was its list of natural ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin.

Best soap in India - Anuspa

Best Soap In India : Anuspa Premium Herbal Soap – Facts

atural soaps - Anuspa - Herbal Soap

Anuspa range of natural soaps are FDA approved and without animal fats. Anuspa herbal soap is a Grade I soap with a T.F.M(total fatty matter) of 80% – means this soap is pure without any fillers. You get a natural spa like bathing experience when using one of these soaps. Further more, these natural soaps have zero alkalinity meaning your skin will not go dry after bath. The fragrance lingers long after your finish bathing. This range of premium natural soaps is promoted by Khadi Gramodyog, India.

Anuspa Herbal Soap – Price

A 125gm pack of this herbal soap costs Rs. 45.

What I Like About Anuspa Premium Herbal Soaps

Your skin gets nourished and pampered. This soap lasts long, really long. The fragrance is uplifting for all your senses. Anuspa herbal soaps are totally safe for children and people with sensitive skin. You would need a moisturiser after bath only during winter season. This soap is perfect for all skin types. The best part is Anuspa offers a lot of variety – They have Anuspa Kesar, Anuspa Honey & Aloevera, Anuspa Sandal, Anuspa Ashtagandha and so on.

Where To Buy Anuspa Premium Herbal Soaps?

You can buy these soaps in supermarkets, Anuspa outlets or online at They also offer gift packs for festive occassions. A complete list of retail outlets supplying these soaps is mentioned on their website. Anuspa also has aromatherapy, hair care and biodegradable laundry care products.

What I Do not Like About Anuspa Premium Herbal Soaps

There is nothing that I do not like. Try it to believe. I tried and the results were marvellous.


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