Kids bunk beds disadvantages

Are bunk beds safe? – Kids bunk beds – Disadvantages

Are bunk beds safe – for kids? Now everyone knows that bunk beds are excellent for maximum utilization of space in kids bedrooms. This is particularly true in case of apartments and urban spaces where you have to buy furniture keeping in mind space constraints. Kids bunk beds are available in a myriad of colors, designs and patterns. Parents of two or more kids are often attracted towards bunk beds. However, there are many disadvantages of kids bunk beds which you must be aware of. Take a look at these top negative points you come across while managing bunk beds for kids.

are bunk beds safe? Kids bunk beds - disadvantages

Are bunk beds safe for kids?

Disadvantages of  bunk beds – Accident prone for kids

Bunk beds are inconvenient for kids occupying the upper bunks. Going to the bathroom or getting a drink is difficult as kids have to get down before doing so. In case they are sleepy, they may even miss a step while getting down. Bunks closer to the ceiling are dangerous. Kids may stand up and hit their heads on ceiling lights or any electrical equipment on the ceiling. It is particularly dangerous if kids frequently fight with each other, climbing up and down these bunks.

Bunk Beds Gobble Up Vertical Space

Kids bunk beds may save floor space but they look like giant pieces of furniture taking up vertical space or wall space. They make bedrooms look compact and small. The top bunks may prevent ceiling light from reaching the lower bunks. Even if bunk beds are well illuminated with artificial lights, they reduce the amount of natural light in a room.

Maintenance Of Bunk Beds Is Difficult

Kids bunk beds are particularly disadvantageous when it comes to maintenance. For one, it is not an easy task to make the beds of upper bunks, everyday. Certainly not for kids. You have to do it yourself. Mattresses from the upper bunks have to be moved down. Else you end up kneeling on the same bed that you are going to make. Procrastination will lead to dusty beds with dust mites triggering skin allergies. Dust is also a problem with the lower bunks. Dust accumulating underneath a bunk can spell disaster for the occupant under that bunk. Dusting and wiping under the bunks with occasional vaccumming must be done on a daily basis. That is a lot of time wasted every day, don’t you think?

Relocation Of Bunk Beds Is Difficult

You can’t relocate kids bunk beds easily. This is difficult to do within the same room as well. You need to consider the placement of lights, air conditioners and any furniture that is wall mounted. Relocation is possible only by disassembling and reassembling kids bunk beds. People buy kids bunk beds to save up on space and the combined cost of two separate beds. However, you must be aware of the disadvantages before planning to buy them. I would suggest you buy trundle beds for kids. These save up on wall space, floor space and keep your kids closer to the floor. Accidents in the dark can be avoided.


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