indoor plants that purify air

10 Amazing Houseplants That Purify The Air!

indoor plants that purify air

Do you think that spending time indoors would save you from polluted air outside? Think again! The air inside your home is polluted even if you keep it absolutely spic and span. In fact, the indoor air levels of many pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than their corresponding outdoor air levels.

Air purifiers, household cleaners, cooking and frying stuff, pesticides, radon, lead, combustion, tobacco smoke are among the various factors that cause indoor air pollution. You can often find traces of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide in addition to several other pollutants inside your home. This is usually the case in compact, urban living spaces. To add to this, poor ventilation causes indoor air to stagnate and harbor allergies and breathing problems.

What you could do is to clean your indoor air naturally by keeping potted plants inside. These indoor plants can purify the air around you and make you feel stress free. In fact, microbes present in the potting soil also help with the cleaning of indoor air.

Must Have Houseplants That Purify The Air houseplants that purify air

Devil’s Ivy aka Money Plant

This humble vine can help you breathe clean air. It steers the air clear off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) arising from wall paints, air fresheners etc. It is a typical low maintenance plant. This creeper can get pretty invasive though and grows real fast. Make sure you keep it trimmed.


indoor air purifying plants

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are very easy to grow. They bloom throughout the year, producing lovely white flowers. They need less sunlight and can thrive on less water. Place a pot of peace lily in your living room. It looks gorgeous and filters the air to control high levels of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene.


indoor plants - aloe vera

Aloe Vera

This succulent is easy to grow and maintain. It needs minimal watering. Aloe Vera is a highly effective air purifier. It can also be used as an all purpose medicine for a variety of ailments.


Snake Plant

Can you believe this one is also known as “Mother-In-Laws’ tongue?” How true is that! The snake plant is an evergreen, ornamental plant with beautiful, elongated leaf blades that grow vertically upwards from a base rhizome. This one does not require much light and can grow well indoors.


spider ivy plant

Spider Ivy

This is very cute little plant with long, drooping leaves with white or yellow stripes. Small white flowers bloom on its stalks making it look prettier. It can withstand tough temperature variations. Inexperienced gardeners can grow a spider plant easily. It acts tough on air pollutants and purifies air by pumping oxygen back to it.

rubber plant

Rubber Plant

The round shiny leaves of a small rubber plant look very attractive. You can keep a potted rubber plant in your living room or bedroom, away from direct sunlight. It doesn’t require regular watering. Rubber plants are good air purifiers.

money tree bonsai

The Braided Money Tree

This good looking bonsai is so called as it is believed to be a harbinger of good luck and fortune according to Feng Shui principles. It looks beautiful on account of its braided trunk. The money tree can grow in dry conditions and low light. Its braided trunk sets it apart from other bonsais and easily captures the attention of guests. Its air purifying capabilities are well known.

broad leaf palm ree

Broad Leaf Lady Palm

This is another ornamental indoor plant that is an excellent air purifier. Its large palm fronds attract tropical butterflies and small birds if planted near the window or balcony. This one is pretty resistant to pests.

indoor houseplants

Boston Fern

Ferns have always been preferred house plants. They are quite easy to care for. The drooping fronds of the Boston Fern look attractive in a hanging pot. A potted fern looks elegant when mounted on a short balcony wall. Ferns purify air and keep you healthy.

house plants that clean indoor air

Corn Tree

This is another popular houseplant also known for its air purifying properties. Its shiny leaves look beautiful. This plant bears scented white flowers. The rough brown stem makes it look like a beautiful, young tree.

Are these plants safe for pets?

NASA has compiled an entire list of houseplants that purify indoor air as part of its
CLEAN AIR STUDY. Examine this list to see if the above indoor plants are toxic to pets or not.

A splash of green here and there inside your living space can prove to be a great stress buster. So go ahead and get a few potted greens for your indoors right away!



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