Paper Plate Crafts For Kids – Smiley Hat

Paper plate crafts for kids can be fashioned out of  left over paper plates from a birthday party! This is a great way to keep naughty kids busy and engaged. Look at this paper plate hat  – It makes up for a great best out of waste project as well.

paper plate crafts for kids

A paper plate hat with a smiley face on top  is the easiest among various paper plate crafts for kids. Let us see how to make this funky paper plate hat. You can use left over paper plates from a birthday party or any other occasion. Team it up with colored paper, paints and unleash your creativity.

Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

You will need:

2 Plain white paper plates – medium or large size
Compass circle and pencil
Poster colors
Marble papers – (optional)
Black marker

How to make a paper plate hat

1. Take a plain white paper plate. Draw a circle with a compass, leaving the rim of the paper plate.

2. Using the center point marked by the compass, draw 3  diameters to the circle. You get a set of six triangle shapes. Cut along the lines avoiding the triangle bases. Bend these triangles upward to form a crown, as seen in the picture above.

3.Use poster colors and color this in different designs and patterns. You can cover the triangular shapes with glazed marble paper or color them plain.

4. Take a second paper plate. Cut out a circle, same size as the circle you drew on the first paper plate. Color the plain side with any bright poster color and make a smiley face out of it, with eyes, nose and a cute smile. Highlight the borders of the smiley face with a black marker. Paste some pieces of paper plate cuttings for the hair.

5. Now take the first paper plate and slightly bend the tips of the triangles, outward. Apply glue and paste the smiley face on these.

6. You can add your own embellishments or decorate using glitter, to make the paper plate hat more lively.

This paper plate craft is sure to get keep kids busy and enjoy what they are doing. Try out other best out of waste ideas that make up for great craft ideas for kids.