Relaxation techniques for stress

When totally stressed out, depressed or lacking interest in activities, you can practice a variety of relaxation techniques.Relaxation techniques are methods that assist a person to achieve a calm and stress free existence.  Relaxation techniques eliminate stress,depression and motivate you to perform your day to day tasks even better. You can achieve miraculous results at … Read More

Stress Management-Positive Thinking

What is Stress Management? Stress is the physical and emotional tension caused by our response to several factors whether actual or imagined like: Relationship demands Long office hours/ workplace stress Medical problems Money (It is always less no matter how much you have) Responsibilities Kids : diet, homework, finding time for them etc. Trying to … Read More


What is depression? Depression is a mental state characterized by negativity, self-pity, sadness, lack of interest in day to day activities etc. Depression is caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. Your relationships, lifestyle and coping skills matter a lot. Depression occurs in different forms. It may be mild, severe, seasonal, or … Read More