Start your own preschool- Ranjani Subramanian

Every woman faces a dilemma in the middle of her career. Whether to take up a  new profession or just stay put. She may feel trapped in the wrong job or want some better prospects. She may be plain bored with the same old board meetings, deadlines or corporate responsibilities. Or the prospect of handling family, kids, social responsibilities along with a regular 9-5 job may be taking a heavy toll on her. Often, many women long for doing independent work or to start their own enterprise; something which gives them quality time to spend with family and kids, besides offering  immense satisfaction and happiness. It is very encouraging to note that many women are now taking the plunge,  changing their career path after  careful self assessment.

Check out this exclusive interview of Ranjani Subramanian who decided to follow her heart and make a career of what she loved doing the most – Teaching!

Start your own preschool - Ranjani Subramanian

Ranjani Subramanian is the founder and owner of Little Feet Kindergarten, Calicut – Visit the facebook page here – Little Feet Kindergarten. Enterprising and intelligent, she has put in a lot research, patience and hard work into this preschool. Little Feet Kindergarten was founded and launched in the year 2008, with an initial strength of 30 preschool children.  The strength has now gone up to a soaring 200 students.

Basically a TamBrahm(short for Tamil Brahmin), Ranjani Subramaniam was born in Mumbai and brought up in Bangalore. She graduated from Jyoti Nivas college, Bangalore with a degree in Science(B.Sc Electronics). Ranjani wanted to be a vet, but her grandmother disapproved the idea of her having to stay in a hostel for further studies. So B.Sc electronics was the choice! Then came marriage, and she found her soul mate in Mr. Subramaniam, a lawyer by profession. They settled in Bhopal and she began her duties as a homemaker. Soon she took up a law course to pass her time. Later when she had a daughter, Krutika, the owner of a playschool nearby approached her for being a teacher. Initially apprehensive for having to handle small kids, later on she felt at ease, with little Krutika tagging alongside.

Three years later, her career took a turn when her husband got a job transfer to Chennai.
There she started afresh, working as a law officer with Globe Detective Agency. Just four months into the job, she quit, as Krutika did not like being left in the care of a maid for long hours, back home. That is when Ranjani took up a Montessori teachers course in early childhood education, completed it and went back to her first love – teaching. She then joined a reputed school in Chennai.

But still, something was missing. Ranjani states that “The idea of my own preschool cropped up when I realized that I could not implement all that I wanted, as it had to be approved by the school management first. They were mainly interested in carrying on stereotype and not wanting to risk a deviation from the normal. Then as fate would have it, my father in law expired. We did not want to uproot my mother in law from Kerala, so both my husband and I resigned from our respective jobs and shifted to Kerala. He started his law practice and I was offered the position of head mistress in a local school. I worked there for 6 years and then finally started my own venture, my preschool – Little Feet Kindergarten.”

Her husband has been her strongest source of support. Her mother and daughter helped her with the initial search for kids toys, furniture, books etc.

Starting a new preschool of course involved immense hard work. Ranjani did a lot of research and visited schools in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Calicut to get a proper know – how on all the aspects that go into running a school successfully. She did what she wanted to – implementing her own school syllabus and curriculum, after careful planning and research.

She has written several preschool books for the children of playschool, nursery, Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg, published by Sura Books, Chennai.

She has not stopped at that. Ranjani completed her B.Ed three years back and has recently achieved a Masters degree in Psychology. She actively pursues her hobbies – reading, embroidery, music and gardening besides being a wonderful mom to her daughter Krutika and a great teacher to the little ones at Little Feet.

I would call Ranjani a bundle of  energy who always inspires others. Little Feet Kindergarten is a fun loving place for kids, combining play and study, with so many activities. Check out the snaps below.

Start your own preschool Little Champs at Little Feet Kindergarten

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut School Day Celebrations

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut - fancy dress Radha Krishna dance for the School Day celebrations

Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut - Onam Onam festivities with kids

Onam Feast - Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut Kids enjoying Onam Sadhya(feast)

school picnic - Little Feet Kindergarten - Calicut School picnic

Ranjani Subramanian is a true role model for many women who want to start an enterprise of their own beginning with an inspiration, close to their heart.

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  1. This falls under the rare and inspiring stories sector. Great going mam. Kudos to all the people who have encouraged and supported you all the way too 🙂

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