Getting married after 30

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Being 30 is like having reached a milestone in your life. You are successful, more confident, at a peak position in your career and much more! But there is that sinking feeling somewhere inside you which makes you feel lonely all the time. And of course, there are the other aspects: society, an occasional grey hair, your married friends having their own families and a feeling of how great it would be to have somebody to take care of you, comfort you and just be there for you! All this makes you wonder whether you are on the right side of 30 or on the wrong side of it!

The good news is you can never be on the wrong side of 30 or any age for that matter.
There are people who would rather remain single than shoulder the innumerable responsibilities that come with getting married and having a family. They will be happy with their own lives because that is what they want. But for those who wish to find an ideal life partner, read on…

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Society today is more acceptable to the fact that a woman can marry late.  It was a different issue a few decades ago. Social pressure would often make sure that a woman got married before she crossed 25 years. This is more or less true in Asian countries.

Back then there were no social networking sites. But now you can take advantage of them. Women who have gone thru a divorce can find prospective grooms with a similar background. Yours must not be a case of once bitten twice shy!

You must be careful not to share personal information with total strangers,though. But you can make social networking sites work to your advantage. You can connect with co-workers, old friends, neighbors, share common interests, get to know their plus points and check out if they are suitable for you. Take the instance of veteran Indian actress Suhasini Mulay who tied the knot at 60 years of age. She found her husband on Facebook! Click here to read how things clicked between the two!

Submit your profile to leading matrimonial services or dating services. Paying a subscription fee to online matrimonial  services of repute will ensure better services and authentic information. You can even chat, email or talk to prospective grooms. Some common sense on your part will make sure you do not get cheated by fraudsters posing as grooms. You can even let your parents, trusted friends or guardians do the talking. Uploading a profile is to make people know of your existence, your qualities and your willingness to get married. To find the right groom, you have to have choices, you have to know of factors that are compatible to you both.

Enhance your personality. Be confident of your abilities and looks. It is a good idea to visit a salon.Eat well. Dress neatly.De-stress yourself.
You would not want to marry some one who is negative, worries a lot and has a below average personality, right? The same goes for guys looking for prospective brides.

It is never too late to get married and it is better late than never. The only point to ponder over is that it is a blessing to have someone who loves you and cares for you, always by your side, accompanying you thru the journey of life. Solitude is sickening after a point in life. So get up and get going!


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