Single Motherhood – Tips For Single Mothers

single motherhood

Single motherhood may be taking its toll on you. As a single mother, you may feel all alone, with a full time job, running your home, educating and taking care of your kids(s) and the whole lot! You may be a single mother by choice or due to various factors beyond control which may be attributed to fate or God’s will.

single motherhood

However, do not lose heart! This is not the end of the world. Remember, there are many more unfortunate people out there who do not even have a roof over their heads or food or medical facilities especially in poor countries.

Lets see how you can handle all these responsibilities and more without getting tired! Remember, its all in the mind.

Single Motherhood – Top Tips  To Live A Happy Life

Balance Work And Home

The most important challenge for a single mother is balancing work and day to day activities of children including packing lunches, school, day care, home work, dinners and so on. First and foremost, make a time table. It sounds boring, but is the most effective tool of time management. That way, you can keep track of several activities and make sure you have not missed out on any thing. Mark important dates, activities, bill due dates, reminders in a monthly planner and stick it onto the refrigerator using magnets. (We don’t want ugly looking adhesive bits on the refrigerator door).

Single Motherhood – Cooking Tips

Buy fresh food/ingredients for making easy to prepare meals. If you can afford it, employ a good maid/cook who will come when you are around and finish off her work. Let her prepare both lunch and dinner which you can warm later, thereby saving you time in the evening. You can use this time to be with your children. The quality of time you spend with them matters and not the number of hours. If its not possible to employ a cook, prepare dinners and lunches in the morning and refrigerate. You can always warm it again

You can get a whole lot of recipes for easy to prepare meals, here:
Quick recipes for single mothers

Quick n Easy recipes by Tarla Dalal

Build A Strong Social Circle

A single mother must be part of a social circle. Having good friends is an essential part of life, especially if you are a single mother. Establish a good social circle. Make good friends. It may be your neighbor, old friends or your mom’s friends or the nice lady at the store down the street. You can get lots of valuable information from them like reliable day care, creche, nannys, after school tuition teachers, doctors and child psychologists in your area etc. You can also get information about new jobs and other helpful information. Maintain good relations with friends. Being a single mother is not easy, but if you are emotionally strong everything is like a gentle breeze. Friends and colleagues give a lot of emotional and mental support.

Deal With Absence Of A Father

The absence of a male role model plays a very important part in the life of a child. But do not let that bother you. A single mother can effectively play the role of a good father. Put up a brave front in front of the children. Do not cry in front of them or yell at them when you are frustrated. Crying and venting out your frustration is necessary for a calm mind. But do it behind closed doors or speak with your close friends. Else it may affect the child’s self-confidence. Take up activities with your children that they  used to enjoy doing with their father.

Handle A Divorce Sensibly

A single mother who has gone thru a bitter lawsuit must refrain from talking to the children, bad things about their father. A divorce or lawsuit between the both of you does not necessarily mean that your spouse cannot be a good father to your children. If he has been a good father, let him meet the children if  he or your children want it that way. Keep your grudges aside for the sake of your kids.

Do Some Financial Planning

Plan your finances well. A monthly planner will again be of great help. Reduce trips to the supermarket. Buy things that you actually need. Prepare a monthly budget.

Have Fun With Kids

Take your kids for a walk to the local park, or hang out with them on weekends. Show your love for your child. Praise him for good work and scold him for anything bad that he may do. Find a good child care center thru your social circle.

Do not carry work home. You will be stressed out, I’m sure. Read more on stress busting and relaxation techniques to feel better.

Single Motherhood – Not All That Bad

There is a whole new world waiting for you out there. Being a single mother is not a botheration or something that sparks off uncertainty about the future. Its a challenge, yes, but you have the potential to make the entire process a wonderful experience. Do not let your past trouble you and stop you from having a great future. A little bit of planning day to day activities, finances and having a great social circle will make you a confident and super single mother!

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